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Accessories storage soltutions

By admin — October 18, 2010

One of the common questions I get from readers is regarding hijab and accessories storage solutions. I get asked whether I can suggest tips on what the best way is to store them and what I use personally.
It really depends of the type of accessories you have, what accessories you use and the kind of storage you would find easy to use on a daily basis.
I’m a MASSIVE accessories fan!! I can’t get enough of them, I love pins, brooches, flowers, bands etc you name it, I’ve been collecting them for years now and my true love lies with vintage brooches, which I love collecting.

Since I began Hijab Styling sessions and dressing people for events I realised I needed some form of storage which I could easily transport with me to venues and events.
Another on of my obsessions is shoes!! And I was completley overwheled when I was given the most amazing Art Decor stlye draw storage box set as a present which was perfect! Ive posted some pcitures below of how I store my hijab accessories which fits perfectly on my dressing table and I can take out and about with me.

The storage solution allows you to seperate everyday brooches, occasion brooches, pins, band, jewelled headpieces and flower and father ornaments for the scarf, you can access them easily and also clean them without much fuss.
I will soon post up a similar post for how to store hijab’s for all those who have asked me Insh’allah.
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