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Beauty – April Favourites

By Samia — April 19, 2014

I’ve decided to introduce a monthly favourites section to the blog, I often  get asked questions about where I bought what from or what I can recommend so this way readers will get a honest opinion about purchases for the month, my thoughts about them and recommendations.


So here are a few of my favourites for April, most accessories and makeup, each month will be a mix!

Photo Fabulous Volumising shampoo– James Brown- Me and shampoos have the worst luck, my hair is a combination of dry and oily so it’s always been difficult to find the right shampoo that can deal with both combinations. I bought this from Boots and have to say, so far so good!


Oud Mumayez Silver– Words cannot describe the love I have for this Arabian Oud perfume. I bought this last summer in June 2013 when I visited Makkah in Saudi Arabia and ever since then it has never failed to entice me. Luckily a family member went to Makkah this month and was kind enough to get me another one as I’ve yet to find anywhere that sells it. It has a deep spicy yet sweet smell which makes it perfectly feminine yet deep enough to capture anyone around you. Highly recommend it if you visit anywhere in the Middle East and can get hold of it! I cant find it online but if your ever in Makkah its from the AlJonaid store in the Hilton shopping centre.


Benefit Erase Paste– My friend recommended I try this because I’ve never had much luck with concealers. At first glance it seems very thick and a bit like concrete! However a little really does go a long way and I’m sure it would probably cover up a tattoo it’s that rich, I recommend blending it over foundation as before it can be a bit thick and definitely moisturise a lot! I’ve used it for the last 6 month now and really liking it. Available from Boots or benefit


Chanel Lip-gloss, EOS Lip balm and Mac Impassionata– Eos, where have you been all my life?! I have tried so many lip balms and this is the best so far, it doesn’t darken lips and leaves them nice and soft, there’s a large selection on Amazon but I was too scared of counterfeits so bought mine from Selfridges. Currently loving this mid pink lipstick from MAC, perfect for a natural pink lip and this Chanel lip gloss (Shade 46 giggle) is nice either on its own or over lipstick; it’s a very dewy, natural shade.


YSL Blusher- I have a lot of blushers but most of them are highly pigmented and not so useful when you just want a slight shimmery glow. I read the reviews about this on a few YouTube channels and am not sure what I think (YSL blush radiance fard a joues). Its slightly a bit too shimmery for everyday wear but I think it would look quite nice for dinner or weddings, so if you have an recommendations for a natural glowy blusher please comment and let me know!


H&M gold detailed sunglasses– I needed a pair of sunglasses I could keep in the car for driving and not worry about leaving them around or losing them, as soon as I saw these I fell in love. They remind me of the Anna Del Rosso x HM glasses that were a massive hit, I love the gold detail at the side and they are a bargain for £6.99! Available here.


Chanel inspired IPhone 5 Phone cover– I absolutely loooove this phone cover, inspired by the Chanel perfume bottle. I bought one over Ebay prior to this and was disappointed by the quality, I came across Goldgetter on Instagram who sells a variety of different accessories and the quality of this cover is amazing, its hard, durable and also comes with a gold chain to wear cross body. Available here


Pro Makeup  XSource brushes set– I bought my first actually brushes set from the IMATS 2 years ago and I wasn’t too clued up about makeup and brushes. It was a good set but not that great quality. I needed a new set to tide me over to this year’s IMATS (Who’s going by the way??) My friend Beautybee recommended these from Amazon and they are amazing! The hair on the brushes is thick, they don’t fray and for £11.99 it’s a worthwhile bargain!

What are your favourites monthly products? Anything you want to see or recommend? Give this post the thumbs up if you’d like to see more!



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