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August 2012 Giveaway Time

By admin — August 16, 2012

So we haven’t had a giveaway in a few months, and with Ramadan nearly over and Eid around the corner, we thought we will help get you into the spirit!

This month we are giving our lovely readers (yes, you are very lovely!) a chance to get their hands on an exclusive headpiece from a company called Moluccan.

The company was started my two sisters who are Moluccan, hence the name. For those who don”t known, Moluccan is the name of those who originate from the Maluku Islands, within Indonesia. (A little bit of geography for you all there 🙂 )





The sisters from Maluccan have always been inspired by fashion and style and have since have turned that hobby into a business, selling stunning headpieces and also kaftaans which are unique and elegant.

This is the lovely headpiece we have up for grabs:

It can be worn over a hijab for an occasion such as a wedding, and also over the head if you don’t wear a hijab. It is simply beautiful and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.













How to enter:
1) ‘Like’ the Moluccan facebook page here 
2) Comment on this post letting us know you have entered.
3) Tweet us @hijablicious saying ‘I’ve entered!’ to increase your winning chance.

Also have a look at their website to see what else they offer and have a peak at their stunning kafaans. They ship internationally and if you email them they will send you out the cost of doing so.

Good luck and enjoy the end of Ramdan!

Important-Please Read

-Please do not comment as anonymous, as we cannot contact you. 
-Use your full name and email address.
-We will be cross checking to see if you have fulfilled all the requirements for entry.
-Winner chosen at Random. 
-Giveaway closes at 12 midnight, 23rd August 2012. 
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