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Beauty – YourTea Detox

By Samia — March 04, 2015

SONY DSC sssYou’re probably wondering why this is in the beauty section, it’s not a product or a beauty experience…but as we know beauty is on the inside as well as out! YourTea sent me a box of their detox tea’s  to try YONKS ago and I haven’t been lazy I promise it’s just been super bust for me between work, family and travelling.

I did begin this detox before Christmas but I wasn’t too well and I felt I wasn’t getting the benefits from it because I wasn’t using it consistently. My sister is getting married at the end of March and I’ve been committed to trying this come rain or shine (well more rain seen as the weather is awful here in England at the moment.

The benefit of Tinytea is meant to flush out any toxins, aide weight loss, decrease bloating and help with PMT. The instructions in the box advises that you drink a cup 3 times a day, specifically before meals. The day starts early for me. When I wake up I always drink hot water infused with lemon and fresh ginger to kick start my metabolisms. I do this as soon as I wake up and drink it whilst I get ready. I then prepare my tiny tea in a hot flask and take it with me, drinking it on the way to work.

I won’t lie it is hard to get into a routine and remind yourself to have this specifically before meals, especially when you’re in between conference calls, meetings and more calls like me or a busy day at work. I then set a small reminder on my phone and it’s become habit. Initially the tea does have a slightly bitter taste, it’s hard to describe, its not bland but not strong either, and unless you’re like me and drink a lot of green tea, it might take a while to get used to. After a couple of tastes it actually tastes fine! I didn’t notice much initially but what I did find was that I was much less bloated. I have always had an issue with bloating easily and was surprised at how less sluggish and frumpy I felt. The tea is filling but enough to make sure you eat enough and stops you from over eating. I haven’t lost a lot of weight (even though I would love to!) but around 6lb which for me is great, but the main bonus for me was to be able to feel less bloated and its definitely helped.

As with all detox’s you need to persevere and you need to balance it with healthy eating and exercise (boo!). I would definitely invest in purchasing another box.

You can purchase TinyTea or any of their tea’s directly from their website www.yourtea.com , be sure to check their Instagram page for regular updates!


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