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Bill’s (Windsor)

By Admin — June 05, 2014


Last weekend, my friends and I decided to get together for brunch, and after much deliberation we chose Bill’s. The breakfast menu looked really good, and after walking past the Holborn branch everyday to work and admiring the cute teapots outside, I decided it was time to check it out.

The story of Bill’s is quite touching. The founder (yes, he is called Bill!) writes on the website that he lost his original business which was a food store, due to flooding and then started out from scratch again, this time adding a cafe. Describing his second venture he says:

Often with more luck than judgement, we set out to create something amazing, with great food, a real buzz, and plenty to look at – a place for everyone. We had a lot of support – from our customers and suppliers, and from the lovely people who came to work with us and, to our surprise, we became a bit of a sensation.

Since then, Bill’s has branched out and now there are restaurants in various locations in the South East. It really is inspirational to see people get back on their feet and chase their dreams.

I forgot to take pictures of the decor, so the above three are taken from Bill’s website

Orange Juice, Cappuccino, Mocha and Hot Chocolate
Vegetarian Breakfast (poached eggs, tomatoes, hummus, mushrooms, guacamole, sweet chill sauce, basil, toast, and crispy potato)
Home-made Blueberry and Buttermilk Pancakes

Poached eggs on Sour Dough toast, with Salmon

Another Vegetarian Breakfast but with scrambled eggs and baked beans



No. There are however plenty of vegetarian options available on the menu.

The Food

Brunch is probably the best meal of the day if you ask me and the meal I will happily eat the most at. It is also not complete without a coffee, and in my case a cappuccino to slowly prepare myself for reality. The juices are a good option too if you’re not a caffeine person (i.e you’re an alien..).

The vegetarian breakfast is a great mix of flavours, from the egg, toast, mushrooms, to the hummus and sweet chill sauce, which I had to admit, I never had with breakfast before. My friend ordered the pancakes, the presentation of which was great, colourful and appetising, although for me personally a bit too sweet for that early in the morning, but I suppose it depends on what you’re craving. My other friend had the sour dough toast with scrambled eggs and salmon, which is a little lighter than the vegetarian breakfast if you’re not feeling having too much.

The Vibe

The decor of Bill’s is what really stood out for me. It is a mix of traditional home decor with a hint of something electric. On one side you have shelves stacked to give a market like impression and on the other there are gorgeous chandeliers, cute teapots and lots of little things everywhere that will catch your eye. The service was good too and the staff were attentive, and friendly. A special shout out goes to our waiter, who we almost drove mad by constantly changing our order, but still managed to take it on the chin. It is a great place to go and relax, when you are just taking the day as it comes and not planning to take over the world until much later.

Return Visit?

Yes, and I will be dragging others with me again. I think I will try a different option for breakfast next time, and the fact they also serve lunch, dinner and dessert gives me more excuses to return.


Breakfast is around £20 for two.

More Information

Breakfast is served until 12 noon on weekdays and 1pm on the weekend. See http://bills-website.co.uk/ for a full list of locations and menu details.

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