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Breakfast at Meds (East London)

By Admin — July 12, 2015


I raved about Meds to my husband for quite some time. Being an ex-Queen Mary University student, Meds held fond memories for me. For most of the Muslim QMUL crowd it was the go to place for an indulgent halal breakfast to start your day (not that we worked too hard mind you!).

Little did I know years down the line I would be living close to the area again as a ‘real adult’, and so I decided it was only natural to revisit on one of those lazy Sundays where even making breakfast seems laborious.

20150525_111507Furla Hangbag ft. the menu
20150525_112103The Med’s Big Breakfast with halal turkey bacon20150525_112109

Feta and Cheese Omelette


Yes, this was confirmed with the management.

The Food

We both opted for set breakfasts-The Med’s Big Breakfast and the Feta and Cheese Omelette, both with tea. I don’t think coffee was with the set menu, which I didn’t mind much as I don’t think it would have been the best coffee. The tea was weak and milky-standard café tea. The breakfast was as good as could be, and reasonably presented. However I don’t think I could finish all of mine, and at the end realised that maybe it is me getting old, but the novelty of a greasy breakfast had really worn off. I love breakfast and brunch, but as there are so many nicer places to go, with fresh breads and strong coffees, places like Meds are no longer on the top of my list-halal or not halal. My husband also felt underwelmed. Towards the end of our meal we saw the waitress being rude to other customers who sat down having not realised there was a queue, which also didn’t do it any favours.

The Vibe

As it is quite popular, the café does get busy and sometimes you may queue for a seat at peak times. Being quite small, the inside is nothing out of the ordinary, and similar to most London cafes. I did feel that it was a shame it hasn’t changed much nor had anything invested in it over the years to make it look nicer. In my opinion, when you spend money on breakfast/brunch, you want somewhere relaxing and tasteful to enjoy the start to the day.

Return Visit

I wouldn’t go back again. As hard workers, I think eating out should be a treat for your body, and not feel like a waste of money. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about being indulgent now and again, but breakfast for me is too important of a meal to get wrong when I do finally have the time to sit and relax on the weekends.

If you are a QMUL student or have never had a halal breakfast before, you can give it a go, but there are better places in London if you are going out of your way.


We paid around £15 together. Most of the set breakfasts are on average £6 each.

More Information

There isn’t a specific website; however the address is listed here on Yelp http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/meds-cafe-london.

Already been to Meds? Share your experience below-we love to read all your comments!


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