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Bring Back Dungarees Please!

By Humaira Ashraf — March 31, 2014

Who said you have to be a toddler or a builder to pull of dungarees?! From catwalk, to celebrity papp shots – dungarees can be a jaw-dropper. Don’t let weather like the UK put you off either! This one staple item of clothing can work with wooly layers as well as summer Sundays. Keep reading to explore the different types of dungarees for 2014 and how you can pull of these looks without much effort. We are in love with them and hope to see more from now on! I mean, how can you say no to them?!

1. Winter Cuddles



Don’t let the spring chills put you off this chic item. With a full sleeve jersey top and nice scarf or beanie hat, the whole look can turn into a cosy Spring outfit. Replacing the undertop with a full sleeve lace blouse for the evening or when it become slightly warmer can also bring the heavy denim to life. Denim is a hot material as it is – but bear in mind that it’s also a thin fabric! So layering different colours and textures can work so well under the top half of the dungarees. One thing to remember – if it really is extremely cold, try not to pull these off with winter boots or a winter coat as the whole look can become frumpy or heavy on the eye.


2. Hijabi-Friendly


The great thing about dungarees is that they are so versatile. You can change them and shape them to suit you! That’s exactly what Iman (above) has done, by tweaking her outfit to suit her modest needs. A loose fitted layer over the top is a great way to cover arms and can also look very boho-chic. Dungarees can also come as shirts, skirts or trousers to picking and choosing for yourself is so fantastic to join the dungaree trend without compromising your beliefs.

3. Out n About Mum

alessandra ambrosio mum

Alessandra Ambrosios’ paparazzi shot in dungarees is probably my most favourite Mum papp. Not only are denim one pieces super comfortable for running around your toddlers in, but a one piece is manageable. From carrying mum bags to picking up babies, dungarees are mother-friendly and can look so feminine and playful. Amrosio has paired hers with a plain lose knit white top with brightens the whole outfit and suits the slight Spring chill in the air. A bright handbag to top of the outfit can really bring the whole look to life. See, you don’t have to be a single teenager to look great! Mum’s rock it too.

4. Evening-esque

evening samiaI think anyone who can pull of black dungarees in the evening will steal the limelight. They are so subtly sexy and don’t draw too much attention to your body. However, they outline your figure beautifully and can look so chic with a heavy sparkly necklace. Saima (pictured above) has also added a headscarf to the look to finish off her modest touch, but with out without would look flawless. Some simple and chic heels, beautifully coloured nails and a sparkly clutch purse would make this look perfect for an evening out. Dungarees can easily be made up for a more sophisticated or evening/occasion wear.

5. New York Old-School

new york casualYou don’t have to be a typical feminine/fashionista/beauty-guru to rock a good pair of dungarees. They can be played down to easily to a cute, care free American look. Pictured above demonstrated simple white items with a loose fitted, thicker and heavier pair of dungarees. Remember accessories too! From hair style to earrings, every detail can give your whole outfit an aura. This is so very simple, yet her femininity is not lost. Quite impressive to pull off without looking like a builder.

6. Don’t Care Casual

alexa chung dont care

Last but not least, is a typical Alexa Chung (pictured above) style. Looking comfortable in your own skin and clothes with least effort shows sometimes the most confidence. That’s how Alexa pulls this cute indie outfit. Her dungarees are pulled high and smart but slouchy at the ankles, perfect for wearing any sort of high-top shoes with. Under top can be a t-shirt, baseball shirt or even a silky/lacey top to give more of a feminine touch. Like mentioned before, hair and make up can make a big difference. So unless you’re literally lounging around the house, remember all the subtleness for a pure effortless chic dungarees outfit.

Hope that gave you a bit on insight into the rediscoverment of this fantastic piece of clothing. No matter what age, style or weather, dungarees can totally be pulled off and the obsession will be reignited in 2014. Keep your eyes out and feel free to share your opinions!
Humaira x




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