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Capturing StreetStyle with Mr Hues

By Admin — October 24, 2013

People watching is fascinating. If you have ever paused for a moment in the flurry of life, to watch it moving, you will know that I am talking about.  Oxford Street (London) is particularly a good spot to observe the mix of tourists, students, workers and all round busy individuals going about their lives, all dressed in a way that tells the strangers surrounding them a little about themselves.

The rise of modest fashion, particularly among young urban females is something that will also undoubtedly catch your eyes.  Indeed, the confidence that young women, like yourself,  have in finding ways to balance all the aspects of their identity that are important to them in their dress, has attracted the attention of academics, design houses and journalists alike.

Someone else who has been following the trend from behind his camera, is the remarkable street style photographer, Langston Hues.


Hues has a dedicated project of modest street style and is embarking on a tour in an attempt to capture individuals and their very individual fashion tastes across the world.  Hijablicious is thrilled to be collaborating with Hues in some shoots for his upcoming book, as he tours London this week-pictures of which we will be able to share very soon.

A little bit about his project:

Modest Street Fashion is a collection of photographs that commemorates the emerging culture of modest street style which has erupted around the world. It is the first book to visually document this ever growing international trend that has exploded from the streets of Kuala Lumpur to the alleys of New York City. Profiling some of the top ‘hijabistas’ this is a must-have inside look into a twenty-first-century genesis of a faith driven style.

Below are some examples of his work taken from his Instagram account.







If you aren’t already following,  his instragram handle is @LangstanHues

You can also sign up to the newsletter to find out when the book will be launched here http://www.modeststreetfashion.com/.

He was recently  interviewed about his work on CBC Radio which can be found http://www.cbc.ca/player/Radio/Local+Shows/Ontario/Metro+Morning/ID/2411625585/

(Pictures starting from the top are  @Langstonhues, @makeuphijabs, @ascia_akf, @hausofblush, @winniedetwa, @irunwoman1 @sal3may)

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