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Chai Wu (Harrods)

By Samia — March 27, 2015


When the newly opened Chai Wu restaurant opened in on the 5th Floor inside the world famous department store Harrods, there was a huge buzz of excitement. The guest list was long and getting a table was near to impossible!  This contemporary Chinese restaurant  is located just a walk from the newly opened Shoe heaven and the restaurant prides itself for its fusion dining experience:

Our restaurant design incorporates the five elements of Chinese philosophy: wood, metal, water, earth and fire, creating an elegant and welcoming dining setting. A new modern restaurant in an opulent space, Chai Wu has integrated a fusion of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.
Our tasty, exotic and colourful dishes reflect the finest of modern Chinese cuisine. The restaurants exquisite menu has been created by Chef Jason See Ming Hwa.
The menu consists of small Pan-Asian dishes such as black truffle sour soup and Chilean sea bass dumpling with gold leaf to luxury main dishes including Beijing Duck and Alaskan king crab with soy yuzu, there is a dish to suit every taste.

3 4 dc 6Complimentary Chinese green beans with Pickles

7 8Seafood with Black Truffle Dumpling

9Black Angus Strip Loin with BBQ Sauce

10Chai Wu Special (Tuna)

11Crispy Prawn Maki roll with Sweet and Spicy Sauce

12Korean Lobster with Spicy Honey Sauce

wuSweet and Sour Chicken in Dragon Fruit

13Tiger Prawn

1415Sweet Ending

Yes everything on the menu is halal and this is confirmed by the staff.

The Food
To start off with we first chose our drinks, we opted for water and a couple of mocktails. I chose the Chai Wu special which consisted of mango, strawberry syrup and lychee. My fellow diner chose the Mojito Mocktail. Both were really refreshing the consistency of the juices and syrup was perfect and not too sweet. It was really hard choosing what to eat! We both have very similar taste palettes so we chose the Seafood with Black truffle dumpling. This came steaming in a bamboo basket with a generous amount of truffle shavings which were not too much but perfect to give that creamy truffle taste. Combined with the texture of the dumpling and the consistency of the seafood it was a delicious starter.

As the meat was halal we both decided to opt for two of the meat options from the Charcoal Grill. I chose the Short Rib beef with Honey Glaze and we also ordered the Black Angus loin with Chinese BBQ Sauce, Both were very different in taste and texture, the Short Rib beef – well its hard to describe it really, it was a melt in your mouth super soft beef which gave an incredible sweet kick at the end but it complimented the meat so well. The Black Angus loin was thinly sliced beef which was very light on the palette, if I could only order one next time it would have to be the Short Rib beef with Honey Glaze, when something’s too good to describe then it’s a winner in my eyes.

We were keen to try some of the Lobster as we had heard so much about it, so based on the waitress’ recommendation we chose the Korean Lobster with Spicy Honey Sauce- let me tell you now, I have eaten Lobster in many establishments however the combination of the spicy Honey and the technique in which the lobster meat had been fried was just incredible, it tasted amazing (I am writing this and my mouth is watering I kid you not!) it was presented beautifully and was a clean dish which required no mess as the meat was separate from the shell.

Whilst waiting for my fellow diner I saw a dish which looked incredibly pretty on the menu, it was sweet and sour chicken served in dragon fruit, this was exceptionally presented and tasted lovely, a must if you do go. We also ordered Tiger Prawns which was an incredibly large prawn stuffed with spices and served in the shell. There was less prawn and more shell and to be honest I found this dish incredibly disappointing.

The combination of sushi we chose (yes I can’ believe we ordered so much either!) was the Chai Wu Special- a tuna roll with spicy mayonnaise – very soft on the palette and refreshing, nothing incredible like Zuma’s version but nonetheless it was good quality. We also opted for the Crispy tiger Prawn Maki roll- I found this slightly dry so would not opt for this again.

We had to have most of the food packed up as it was so filling!

The Vibe
There is a very intimate atmosphere in the restaurant, the lighting is dim and it is a nice setting for a romantic meal or to catch up with a friend. Whilst waiting for my fellow diner to arrive, one of the diners in the restaurant became a bit drunk and came over to my table, the staff took action and immediately escorted the diner out of the restaurant and could not apologise enough. I thought this was really proactive of them.

Return Visit
I would not order the same amounts as I ordered before however the staff were absolutely fantastic, they really looked after our table and were very attentive. I enjoyed some of the dishes we ordered immensely especially the Beef and the lobster and would order these again.

We paid a steep £133 each however I felt we over ordered and in hindsight could have dined for £80pp

More information
http://www.chaiwu.co.uk/  for more details and menu. You can walk in but it’s recommended to book beforehand.

Already been to the Chai Wu? Share your experience below-we love to read all your comments! 

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