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Charity ♥ Fashion: ‘Smoky Not Smudgy’ 2011

By admin — November 09, 2011
Design By Nisaa

A week or two ago I posted a link to a event hosted by the girls at Imperial College London, called Smoky Not Smudgy. I went along on Saturday (despite the trauma of the London Underground on a weekend!) to cover the catwalk show, mingle with the crowd and see what was new in the world of modest fashion. Needless to say the event was incredibly successful and full of lots of fashionistas, while featuring some of the UK’s leading designers in modest-wear, a Souk area with everything from scarves, pins, jewellery, and delicious cakes and sweets. In another corner others were offering massages, henna designs and many other pampering delights, which was quite apt especially since Eid was the next day!

Design by Dina Toki-o

The fashion show was the main feature of the event, and took a lot of organising and planning. I walked in an hour before the show to steal a good spot for my camera and I saw the girls were still rehearsing on the stage, which emphasises the amount of effort which had gone into its production even until the very last minute.

The show featured designers Emma Amaofo, NisaaAyeda CoutureZnZ AbayaMorrocan Kaftans by Mirriam Kaissi and finally Dina Toki-o. The clothes were modeled by beautiful volunteers who strutted their stuff perfectly and gave the show a professional edge.
These are a selection of my favourite designs from the show, to view the whole collection please visit our facebook album HERE.

Moroccan Kaftans
Design by ZnZ Abaya
Design by Emma Amaofo
Finally, a big thank you and well done to the organisers who made this fantastic event possible and ever more better, managed to raise a considerable amount of money for charity. A specific mention goes to Ruby, Minaal, Nida, Aemun, Musarat, and Salma.
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