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China Tang (Dorchester Collection)

By Samia — March 06, 2015


My sister is due to get married in a couple of weeks and it’s just been one whirlwind after another with preparations! We have been so busy that it’s hard for us to get an evening together for a nice meal.  So much so that we have had to start diarising just so we could go out. I went behind her back slightly and decided to organise a surprise meal in her honour.  I have another surprise in store but I will share that with you guys later, don’t want her reading this!!!

I chose China Tang for two reasons, It has a halal menu (yay!!!) and it is house within the infamous Dorchester Collection, I am a huge fan of their Hotels. The restaurant website states:

Conceived by Sir David Tang, the founder of China Clubs in Hong Kong, Peking and Singapore, as well as the life-style brand, “Shanghai Tang”, China Tang offers some of the best and most authentic Cantonese food outside China. Menus do not compromise on classical recipes and all dishes, including its signature Peking duck are prepared with the freshest ingredients and traditional spices and flavouring



Yes the restaurant has a separate halal menu which is void of any use of alacohol and pork, this is clearly certified on the menu and confirmed by the restaurant staff.

The Food
As mentioned above there is a separate halal menu. There is mains menu and you can combine this with the general starters menu which has an extensive amount of Dim Sum and fried food and salads. As there was a large party of us we decided to order a variety off the menu and share.

For starters we ordered multiples of certain things, we chose the traditional Sesame prawn toast- this was lovely and crispy and compared to other Chinese restaurants quite thick in size, it was nice and warm on arrival. We also chose a couple of the chilli squid and the prawn tempura, classic choices in any Chinese restaurant. They certainly did not disappoint and they tasted spot on. We ordered vegetarian spring rolls, these were nice and hot and what you would generally expect when you chose spring rolls, we also opted for a variety of dim sum- The Har Kar (shrimp) and the Seafood option- they came steaming in bamboo baskets and were so delicious!! I would most definitely recommend the shrimp one, it was so tasty. We also ordered the vegetarian dumplings and Mango Spring rolls- these were a better choice than the vegetarian and I would most definitely order these again.

For mains we chose two dishes and then decided to have plain white rice and a couple of portions of Vegetarian thin rice noodles. I would recommend the rice noodles because they are nice and light and not so filling and when paired with the mains you can enjoy your meal without feeling too full. The main which I would strongly advise you to order, even if it’s the only thing you order is the whole classic crispy skin chicken- I need to know how to cook this!!! It literally is like butter in your mouth, just wow.

After an exceptionally ravishing meal we were so full but could not leave without dessert- we chose the mixed platter which came with Macaroons, a meringue  and brownies and accompanied this with a variety of cappuccinos and jasmine tea- perfect sweet end to a lovely meal.

The Vibe
There is a buzzing vibe as soon as you enter the restaurant, there is a lot of hustle and bustle, a mixture of couples, business people and friends and lots of chatter, and you will also most definitely spot a star or two!

Return Visit
I am already planning my return visit!

There were 9 of us and we split the bill, it came to an exceptionally reasonable price of £49pp for a mixture of starters, drinks, mains and dessert.

More information
http://www.chinatanglondon.co.uk/for more details and menu. Due to the bust nature of the restaurant you are advised to book beforehand, it is rare to get a table at short notice.

Already been to the China tang? Share your experience below-we love to read all your comments! 

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