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Crazy Bear (Beaconsfield)

By Samia — January 14, 2015


Situated on the outskirts of London in the small picturesque town of Beaconsfield, lies the multi award winning Crazy Bear Hotel, with another sister restaurant situated in Mayfair. It is so easy to miss the restaurant from the outside as it blends in with the quaint little houses. Nothing however, will prepare you for what’s inside. Crazy Bear is a hotel which offers the very meaning of opulence and extravagance- ‘flashy’ is what comes to mind when describing it. It prides itself in offering the very best of luxury and not leaving any detail to the imagination. I haven’t stayed at the hotel myself but have read reviews describing it as ‘flamboyant’ and the rooms as ‘opulent’, with no two rooms the same. The restaurant is very regal, chandeliers everywhere, large golden chairs, a huge staircase furnished with marble coating and very dim lighting. 

A short description from their website:

‘The Crazy Bear Beaconsfield opened in 2008 to spectacular international reviews including Conde Nast’s Red hot lists for best new hotels in the world. The Oldest documented building in Beaconsfield, a fifteenth century coaching inn, has been meticulously restored and elaborately designed to provide dramatic architecture and uncompromised luxury.The Crazy bear Beaconsfield is a unique in quintessential England and the antithesis to bland hotels’



Tiger prawn, Onion, Taro and Pumpkin tempura


Featherback Thai fishcakes


Assorted Vegetarian steamed Dim Sum


Prawn and chive Dim Sum


Native Atlantic Lobster with egg noodles and habanero sauce


Vegetarian Pad Thai


Unfortunately not- but if like me you like seafood and love your veg, then there is plenty of choice on the menu.

The Food

The menu is quite extensive with a range of starters, mains and plenty of desserts to go round. It was quite hard to choose what to have with so much choice. We had booked the Crazy Bear to celebrate my friends birthday. As I was with a large group of friends, we often like to order lots of starters and small plates and share, rather than ordering large mains each. Plus this gives you the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes.

There is a large drinks menu, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic but we chose to stick to water (boring I know!), so I didn’t bother capturing a picture of this.

For starters we chose the Tiger prawn, Onion, Taro and Pumpkin Tempura with some extra Prawn Tempura. This is Prawn and veg fried in a light crispy batter to give it a crunchy yet delicate taste. I’m a huge fan of tempura so this was an obvious choice. It comes with premium soy dipping sauce which gives it a nice smooth but slightly tangy taste. We also opted for the Featherback Thai Fishcakes with a Chilli and Cucumber Sauce. These were lightly seasoned and accompanied with the sauce the texture was delicious.

Additional starters were Dim Sum – if you like Dim Sum there is a small selection but you can choose the vegetarian option if you eat halal meat only. We ordered the Assorted Vegetarian Steamed Dim Sum, this was topped with shredded veg and came steaming in a bamboo basket, accompanied with a light soy sauce. It was perfect if you’re looking for something hot yet light and healthy. We combined this with the Prawn and Chive Dumplings, I’m a massive prawn fan but for me the chive combination didn’t work so well, so not sure I would order those again.

Due to the number of starters we ordered we decided to opt for only two mains. One of my fellow diners was pregnant so we decided to opt for one vegetarian option so she could avoid seafood, and one seafood option for us. We ordered the Tiger Prawn Pad Thai but minus the prawns and kept it vegetarian. This was topped with a thin layered omelette which kept the texture and consistency of the noodles perfect, it was a creamy base and was generously mixed with fresh bok choi, carrots, peppers and corn with a very pleasant sauce which is perfectly seasoned. The last main was the Native Atlantic Lobster with egg noodles and habanero sauce. This was simply divine. The egg noodles are very fine so it’s not too rich or heavy and the habanero sauce on the side is perfect if you like that extra kick. The portion would probably suit two people with one side.

As it was my friend’s birthday we had already ordered a cake from a bakery for dessert, however I did notice the Salted Butter Caramel on the menu and would definitely try that next time!

The Vibe

The inside is very dark, very intimate and has an air of grandeur to it. It was mostly occupied by couples or 2-3 diners per table. We were a party of 6 but we didn’t find this awkward in any sense. Dining here is definitely a ‘gastronomical experience’ and the ambience and set up of the restaurant adds to this. The furnishings and detail to attention and décor give a luxurious feel to the whole experience. The staff were very friendly and accommodating and were aware of our seafood and veg only requirements, and were more than happy to adapt some dishes.

Return Visit?

It’s not the cheapest place for a meal but I must say it is an experience worth trying. The food was fresh and seasoned perfectly and most importantly, it was tasty. I would come again for a special meal or treat and was made aware by staff that there is a Sushi menu most weekends, so I would be interested to try that. There is also Mayfair restaurant , so it is a possibility to try that next time.


Around £50-70 for two

More Information 

http://www.crazybeargroup.co.uk/ for a full list of locations and menu details. Open Table usually have tasting menu offers. Its usually difficult to get a table in the evening and on weekends so advised to book in advance.

Already been to the Crazy Bear? Share your experience below-we love to read all your comments! 

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