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Beauty – Diamond Teeth Whitening: A Review

By Samihah — February 14, 2013

I never really understood the hype around teeth whitening.  In the past I had used home kits that didn’t make much of difference after using for a few months so I always gave up. My teeth were ‘normal’. They were neither severely curry stained nor what would be referred to as ‘pearly whites’ – but two bottom teeth that had become heavily coffee stained. Usually after a hygiene treatment at the dentist, the stains reduced by 50% but never really disappeared.  I guess these were my problem areas and I thank my aunt for so kindly pointing out how bad they looked.


So I was on the hunt for somewhere I could have my teeth whitened without breaking my bank balance.  I came across numerous vouchers online offering teeth whitening at heavily discounted rates but was quite wary after having read a number of horror stories where people had suffered terrible burns with many of the cheaper options around.

I came across two types of teeth whitening procedures – dental and cosmetic. Dental procedures use a higher concentration of bleach and can cost up to £1000. This was not an option for me. Cosmetic whitening on the other hand was affordable and has been adapted for the beauty industry to provide a more gentle treatment.

My search came to a halt as I was still hesitant and not convinced as to how safe the treatment was until I had been introduced to Diamond Teeth Whitening by a friend whose manky brown teeth looked amazingly white and polished! I wanted mine done by whoever did hers.

The treatment took approximately one hour and thirty minutes. Unlike many whitening treatments, Farah, my diamond therapist, made sure my teeth had 3 full cycles (3 x 20minutes) under the specially designed cold light.  I was warned that I might feel some sensitivity but this wasn’t the case. The only problem I had was the duration of the whole treatment.

It was a very boring hour and thirty minutes but well worth the wait. My teeth (which like I said really weren’t that bad) were 15 shades whiter – 2 shades less than porcelain veneers! My two problem teeth were completely clean. My teeth today six weeks on remain spotless.

Downsides: I have to drink coffee through a straw in fear of my two bottom teeth becoming stained again. The recommended aftercare regime can be tedious, which is to be done for an hour once a month to keep up the amazing results. Cost: Not something which one would do regularly as each treatment costs between £149- £199, however it is definitely something I now recommend to bridal clients as it makes a huge difference.  If teeth are well looked after, the results of this treatment can last up to two years


Rating: 4.5/5

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