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Dreams of Istanbul

By Admin — March 27, 2014

In an era of mass production, it is hard to find scarves that are truly unique, creative and and tell a story. Browsing through markets, and even high street stores, I am often frustrated to find that all the scarves are in effect, the same. For this reason, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about Akay Tuhafiya, and their new collection of scarves, each one of which, is beautiful crafted.


Akay Tuhafiye is a Turkish company that was established in 1984 with the initial purpose of manufacturing mens clothing, specifically shirts. It reflects the TatarBulgarian, and Turkish origins that the founding family have.  Since then it has grown and the son of its founder, Halil, began his own scarf line. He felt that Muslim women’s scarves and clothing lacked true artistic flair and so began his project.

Each design in the collection is produced once and will not be produced again. Each scarf is silk, hand rolled and features a print based on photos taken around Istanbul. Halil stated that he took images of moments that an ‘İstanbuler would see every day’, hence taking inspiration from the natural and man-made aspects of the landscape. I fell in love with Istanbul on a trip many years ago, and seeing the collection conjured up warm memories (and a desire to go back again!).


Going on holiday to Istanbul? Then make sure you pop into Fringe Boutique located in the Grand Bazaar, alternatively you can email your order to info@akaytuhafiye.com. Each scarf is $150 which is roughly £100. It is quite steep, but if you’re a fan of designer wear then it is the competitively priced against other well known brands.

Make sure you check out Akay Tuhafiye’s website and collection here,(the page will translate into English if you have Google Chrome) and you can like their Facebook page to keep up with the latest here. It is not everyday that you see an inspiring, well thought out and unique collection, with an avant-garde look.


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