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Evening Glamour with Boutique Al-Khaleejia

By admin — June 08, 2012

This weeks feature is a stunning Abaya from Boutique Al-Khaleejia, based in the United States. When Dania, who owns the boutique sent me this ‘Crow Neck Silk Abaya’, I fell in love, literally. I am not a Abaya wearer on a day to day basis, and tend to wear them over my clothes when going to a party or wedding if I have something short underneath. Seeing this Abaya however, really blew me away as it has a princess feel to it, that takes it from being just an Abaya to an evening gown or dress that can be worn by anyone. Abaya/casual Abaya wearers and even non-Hijab wearing girls will love this.

This particular one, is a black long gown, with a peachy/orange satin front, gathered neck and with a matching scarf. The dress has a hidden belt underneath, which you can tighten to hold around your waist. So even though there is a long loose look to it, it still has shape which make you feel feminine. It retails at $224.99 which is equivalent to around £145. Considering the expensive costs of a full outfit, it is well worth the price!

One thing that is really unique about this, is the neck which is gathered. It really adds a elegance to the front without being overpowering, and also is great coverage. The front colour which is peach, is custom made, so you can choose from a variety of colours including Turquoise, Blues and Yellow.


Boutique Al-Khaleejia states that their goal is to bring the real gulf designer style abayas and shaylas to western muslimahs. They specialize in providing designer style at affordable prices and work with an excellent and highly skilled team of tailors throughout the Middle East.

“We don’t work with major manufacturers and this allows us to offer custom options to our clientele who are able to make design changes, color changes, and even customize their own pieces based on their own personal fashion aesthetic and preferences.” Dania


The motivation behind the boutique, comes from Dania’s personal love of gulf fashion. She feels the abaya is no longer a shapeless slab of black fabric, but a true piece of visual art thanks to the incredible gulf designers. She wants to change the misconceptions that people have about the abaya and show the world how classy, timeless, and chic the abaya really is.


Well from what I have seen of this Abaya and the others they have on their website, they have really won me over!

Check out their collection of designer inspired Abayas here and make sure you like their facebook page for all the latest updates. They have an Eid collection up right now, and seen as Ramadan is around the corner, why not beat the crowd!

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