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Evermodest – Filter here for Modesty

By Samia — November 02, 2014


Nowadays there’s many outlets which offer inspiration when it comes to ‘style’,  aside from blogs, Instagram has become a huge influence in inspiring us with the latest trends, what it does lack however is offering us the whole package, i.e being able to attain that very outfit that you see on the screen. This is where Evermodest comes in.

EverModest is the brainchild of one Hannah Saleem, who tries to offer a solution to this very frustration by offering a one stop portal for discovering clothing or looks for those who want to shop for modest looks in just one place. Items cannot yet be purchased in the Evermodest site, however fear not…you can either link through to individual retailers or get a list of links of all items in an ensemble, that can be shared, giving you the full look at the click of a button!

For Muslim women, shopping online can very time consuming in having to search for modest clothes hidden amongst thousands of other products. According to Hannah “I found this so frustrating, I wondered why retailers didn’t generally carry more modest clothing lines and wished that I could click a button to ‘filter for modesty’. I’d often spoke to my friends and family about this and wondered what an ideal shopping site would look like for women like us.”

After carrying out extensive research in speaking with not only  Muslim women but also those with more modest clothing preferences from all over the UK, Hannah was able to confirm that her and her friends weren’t the only one experiencing these frustrations when shopping online. At which point Hannah rolled up her sleeves (not too far!) and sought to create the ideal online shopping experience for those who wanted a more modest shopping experience.

Eighteen months later and Hannah and her team have created Evermodest.com a site where a mix of established high-street brands, specialist boutiques and emerging brands are showcased; and where every single product presented is curated for modesty. “We work closely with a number of retailers and developers as we want to give women the brands they want and the tools they need to create complete modest looks; that might include a long-sleeved top from New Look, a maxi skirt from Citra Style, a jacket from Miss Selfridge and a hijab from Scarf Diva for example.”

Having used and reviewed the site, my thoughts are that it feels a lot like Polyvore for Modest clothing, where we can browse products, get inspiration from a Lookbook and create outfits that we can share and discuss with other women. Not only does it help speed up the shopping experience but it also is a great navigating tool where your relaxing and browsing and looking for inspiration.

EverModest.com seems to be a welcome development in giving modest women everywhere the online shopping experience they deserve. And to celebrate, everModest is collaborating with Hijablicious a fantastic prize. A shopping voucher up to the value of £75 to use on Evermodest.com!

Style It


Here’s what you need to do- We want you to put together an outfit for a Night out, using those items and retailers on the website and send in your Outfit inspiration by 30th November, you can either email us (info@hijablicious.com), tweet us or tag us in your entry on Instagram, all links below! #filterformodesty – The best entry will win!

Good luck!!!!





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