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Get Organised with Hanger Management

By Admin — August 07, 2014

If you wear a hijab, or just love scarves, you will know the pain of organising your proud and extensive collection. Folding them in a drawer often seems like a good idea at the time, until you need one at the bottom of the pile, and end up ruining the neatly arranged stack. Or like my sister, you give up and squash as many as you can in one drawer (definitely not advised!).

What your scarf collection should not look like…

Well girls, no need to suffer any longer, as Hanger Management has developed a fantastic product which will solve all your scarf problems. Designed by entrepreneur Farida Ashraf, with you in mind, Hanger Management lets your arrange your scarves in a way that is neat and accessible. So if you’re in a rush and looking for a particular colour, there is no need to dive into various piles of fabrics, and leave your room in a mess for when you get back (yes, we have all done it).
Hanger-Management-Header-2 (2)
Having looked at my scarf collection, I prioritised those scarves that were expensive, delicate or for occasions to add to the hanger. The hanger is also good for those scarves that need ironing, because the way they are hung will help you minimise creases-saving you time when you need them (unfortunately I am not organised enough to iron them beforehand). A few years ago someone introduced me to a hanger from Ikea that looked like it would work, however soon afterwards I realised that it was crowded and as it wasn’t designed with space in between, you couldn’t see your whole collection. Each scarf was being pressed and squashed into the other, which you don’t find with this product.

Farida Hangers 7-(ZF-8270-93691-1-002) (2)


Importantly, Hanger Management is affordable. The hangers come in two different sizes– if you are a minimalist then you will suit the 8 scarf one that is £7.99, and if you’re a fashionista then you will need the double stack at £14.99 which holds up to 16. You can of course hang other accessories on them, such as belts and necklaces.  They also come in a variety of colors, as seen above.

If you consider all the money we spend on scarves, especially those for occasions, it is entirely worth it to then invest in storing them properly.

For a limited time only, Hanger Management has an introductory offer for UK customers, with prices slashed to £4.89 and £10.49. To take advantage of this offer make sure you visit their site http://www.hanger-management.co.uk/. You can also follow Hanger Management on Instagram and Facebook.

For customers in the USA please visit http://www.hijab-ista.com/.




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