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Glamglow Skincare

By Samia — April 18, 2015


When these landed on my desk I was a bit dubious, I had used the black Glamglow mudmask when it first came out and wasn’t very well known years ago and on the first application my skin just broke out!! I was so disappointed and thought it was overpriced and not worth the hype. Years later I’ve decided to give them another try having read more reviews and noticed that this is common as the skin needs release all the toxins on the surface (ie break out the skin) before the full effects can take place.

I’ve tried two out of three of the masks- the white and the black. The black is the -TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT – it really does what it says, it tingles!! It’s made up of some sort of plant extract which is in the mask and it leaves a very tingly sensation, after 10 minutes when it dries you rinse off and yes my skin did break out again but not as much and it did feel more squeaky clean- a feeling that’s always welcome!

I also tried the white mask which is the -SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT – this is to really cleanse your skin and close pores (yes yes yes!!) I hate pores!! I have been using another product also for pores so this product is a lifesaver! I will review that soon, I wouldn’t say my pores have gone but finally are not as noticeable!

The last product I used was the BRIGHTMUD EYE TREATMENT – I’m fortunate to not suffer from bags or dark circles but any hydration under the eyes is welcome and this is the first eye treatment mask i’ve ever used- its a bit weird to get use to at first but it felt nice and cleansing, not noticed any difference but I will use it again.

Have you tried any Glamglow products?


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