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Hijab Styling Workshop

By admin — September 27, 2010

A promised here are some of the pictures from my Hijab Styling workshop in High Wycombe. It was a wonderful evening full of lovely food and wonderful company. Some other sisters showcased their photography work and there was a sister who provides female only photography which is great for weddings etc! I will post more details about her soon. It was a good chance to Network and showcase different styling tips to the ladies that were present. Here are some styles from the evening ranging from a Hijab wrap to a Turkish Style Hijab and a Asian Dupatta style as many sisters find wearing a Dupatta in a Hijabi Friendly way a bit difficult:

More images and updates can be seen on the Hijablicious© facebook group:


Wrap Style Hijab

A bit of volume is added under the scarf to give it an even look and to help drape it securely.
A plain elastic band is added over the scarf before the final drape to esnure no slipping and that the scarf is secure
Final product for a sleek look and teamed with a vintage brooch!
Turkish Style Hijab
Turkish Silk Scarf from Istanbul, the width of these scarves are good for coverage
It is essential to ensure the scarf has a peak to prevent looking flat on the head
The sides of the scarf are tucked under to give a discreet look
A pin is added to the top to ensure the scarf dosn’t slip and stays in place

Dupatta Style Wrap (Asian Style)

A cotton underscarf is key to prevent the scrf slipping
Asian Scarves have lots of fabric which is key to wrapping
Final Product!

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