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Islamic Design House and GIVEAWAY!!

By admin — September 06, 2010
How urban are you?
An exclusive feature and insight into the Islamic Design House range

I had always been skeptical about the ‘sporty’ Jilbabs which were emerging on the fashion market, so when given the opportunity to review some Jilbabs by Islamic Design House (IDH) I thought it would be a good opportunity to try this style out even though I felt they were not feminine enough for me. I must admit my generalisations and assumptions about these kind of Jilbabs totally dispelled when I tried them on and was able to wear and style them first hand

Speaking to IDH I gained an insight into the company, their ethos and overviews and the vision which goes into designing the way they do. IDH explained that their aim was to create designs that catered for the style needs of today’s Muslimah as well as for Men and children. Identifying that there was a growing market for women growing up in West and in cosmopolitan cities who had more of a desire to dress modestly in high quality and trendy Jilbabs, they used this as inspiration for their products and thus this is reflected in their cutting edge styles most of which are associated with are casual urban and sporty looks.

IDH was begun over 6 years ago and has developed into a big and well known company. They have three main offices; in the UK, USA and Egypt, and also worldwide distributors and wholesalers. They are now in the process of creating a Kids range which aims to have a organically natural and pure approach, this is something which ties in beautifully with the Islamic ethos of being environmentally and ethically friendly as well as the promotion of values of caring for nature and Allah swt’s creation, as the Quran reminds us ‘Who made everything He has created good, and He began the creation of man from clay. (32:7)”. IDH will also be introducing Hijab’s, bags and Jewellery to compliment their Jilbabs. They also have produced and continue to produce signature and statement pieces in conjunction with various artists such as His/Her T-shirts and Hoodies by renowned British Artist Aerosol Arabic and Visual Dhikr. IDH Jilbabs are available to order online and they will be exhibiting at the GPU this October so don’t forget to check them out! To find out more join their facebook page: ‘Islamic Design House’.
All hijab and accessories styling courtesy of Hijablicious ©

Review 1-SR-S4-US03 in Dusty Olive £44.95
This is the sportiest Jilbab you will find! It comes in a variety of colours. This is a beautiful Olive colour which can compliment a variety of Hijab’s. If you want to make it dressy team it with a necklace as shown on the model (H&M £5.99) and a flowery hijab which is very in season right now (H&M £6.99). The detail on the Jilbab is one of the best I have seen and it is comfortable to wear on both hot and cold days. A must have for university or sports.

Review 2-SR-S4-US02 in Dusty beige £44.95
This comes with beautiful flower detailing on the front and the back which is just so striking, I am officially hooked to the detail on these Jilbabs. The sleeves are capped and tight yet can stretch to any wrist size and the material is extremely light but comfortable and can be layered for a warmer look. I have team this with a striking scarf to bring out the flower detail (Accessorize £10) and placed a bronze band when layering it to give it a 3d effect. Flowers to accessorize hijab’s are available from a variety of stores such as New Look and Claire’s Accessories (Love Bracelet –Accessorize £6).

Review 3-SR-S3-VS02 in Teal £34.95
This is by far my most favorite Jilbab, not only is it a beautiful deep teal colour but you can transform it from a casual sporty look to a very trendy feminine look, as you can see I have teamed this with a Pearl Necklace (Accessorize -£6) and a beautiful coral pink and teal flower Hijab (Accessorize £10), and Pink Bag (Tesco £15). You can make this very dressy for an evening out or for work and I found the design to be very flattering without clinging at all. The material is a beautiful cotton material which has pleated patched pockets with a buttoned design; I love IDH’s attention to detail and this is very apparent on this Jilbab, a definite winner! I am officially a sporty Jilbab convert!


Hijablicious have teamed up with IDH to offer it readers the opportunity to grab a Jilbab of their choice from their website free in celebration of Eid! All you need to do it to email me at samia@hijablicious.com and join Hijablicious on facebook (www.facebook.com/hijablicious) telling me ‘which is your favourite Jilbab from their range and why’. The closing date is Saturday 18th September and the winner will be announced on facebook and here so get your entries in ladies! Also for a fabulous 10% off their range simply enter ‘hijablicious’ at the checkout!

You can check out idh’S  wonderful range on their website: http://www.islamicdesignhouse.com/

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