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It’s all in the scent – My picks

By Samia — June 16, 2015


A perfume is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory – Coco Chanel

This has actually been a very difficult post for me to write up, simply because I haven’t been able to whittle down my favourite scents into one post. I live for scent. I think there is nothing more beautiful and attractive then smelling nice. I have a strong sense of smell and ever since a young age I have fallen in love with the concept of perfumery and different components and notes which make that perfect scent. I am often asked what perfume I am wearing so I thought I would talk about some of my favourites, I may do another post later with the rest of my collection. Perfume is a very individualistic and I think it says a lot about a person. Smelling good in no way means pouring a bottle of perfume over yourself but its about finding the key notes which complement your skin and personality.



SONY DSCFlowerbomb- Victor and Rolf

This was my number one love which drew me into deep and spicy yet feminine smells. I was given this as a present when Victor and Rolf first ever released their début perfume and it will always be one of my top 3. It really does transform you somewhere else. At first it can seem very strong but as with all good perfumes the after smell is to die for. The top-notes of orange and mandarin, combined with the softness of Jasmine make it a very evocative perfume. I have often recommended this to people who have found it too strong but then gone to buy it because it smells great!

SONY DSCOud Mumayez – Gold

This is a fragrance I stumbled across during a trip to Saudi Arabia and whilst visiting one of the many Oud shops. For those who don’t know what ‘Oud’ is, its also known as ‘Agarwood’ and is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world which forms the base notes of some of the most expensive and best selling perfumes. Whilst at first it can give off a very strong and masculine smell, the art of Oud is to apply it to the pressure points of the body and let it sink into the skin, hence it will smell different on each person. As I’ve grown an interest in perfume, my appreciation of oud has increased so much, it most definitely is my favourite perfume component.


Miracle Magic- Lancome

This brings wonderful memories for me as it was my first ever perfume purchase when I was 15. It is very different from most of my perfume collection in that it is sweet, feminine and fresh with a soft rose top note. It is a very ‘Happy’ perfume in that it just makes you feel confident and feminine, a very beautiful perfume.



I think Chloe outdid themselves when they released this perfume. I remember constantly visiting Selfridge’s and always being drawn to the scent which was very different from my usual perfume choices. Whilst I have an affinity for deep feminine Ouds, given my mood I also love a fresh floral fragrance and this along with  Miracle Magic these are my top two fresh fragrances. It has a top note of Peony which is my all time favourite flower which I wasn’t aware of until I bought it but now I know what drew me to it!SONY DSC

Oud Royal

This is a perfume from Dubai that was bought for me by my mother. I asked her to find me an Oud scent, which had base notes of Rose and she found me the perfect mix. It has a strong smell initially and you only need one or two spritz, within half an hour the scent leaves the most feminine and sophisticated fragrance once it has sunk into your skin.


Diwan Al Shirq

I bought this from Arabian Oud in Central London after having smelt it on one of the sales assistants. It has an oriental smell and you only need one spritz. The topnotes are ‘Seyoufi Oud Oil’ and ‘Cambodian Oud Oil’ which make it unisex. I have often sprayed this on my scarf or clothing and still been able to smell it weeks later, always a sign of a very good oud!


Tommy Girl – Tommy Hilfiger 

This is one of those fresh and inexpensive fragrances which smell great to wear after a shower and whilst pottering in and around the house. It is Tommy Hilfigers signature women’s perfume it has fresh and clean topnotes which gives a very girly smell which oozes happiness.


Hypnotic Poison-  Dior

This is one of those perfumes where you either love it or hate it. It has a very distinct smell  and is often described as the forbidden fruit of perfume! On one had it is very bold and on another hand very sensual and feminine, its definitely a very seductive smell and not to everyone’s taste but I think you need to understand the notes to be able to really appreciate the richness of this smell. Its not one to wear everyday but the opulent Sambac jasmine, mysterious Jacarandra and sensuous vanilla and musk make it a great choice.

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