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Let’s talk Chanel

By Samia — October 05, 2015


Its on every fashionistas wish list and one of the worlds most iconic handbags. Its effortless, timeless and pure chic. It’s the Chanel 2.55. The name 2.55 is the bag’s own birthday, named after its creation in February 1955. The bag is nothing but pure luxury. It’s been in constant production since it was first designed and each detail, each part of the bag-the lining, the lock, the handle and the compartment has an influence from Madame Chanel’s life which upon further reading in my opinion makes the bag just incredible. Everything in and on the bag has a purpose. Its not a bag many can just buy on a whim and even though I could have acted on impulse and bought one, I decided to wait until I hit a milestone and reached a place in my career where I felt I was in a position to reward myself, hence the bag would mean much more to me. I tend to do this with any premium purchase- my bag was part present and part present to myself!

The reason I decided to do this post was because I remember when I decided I wanted to purchase one, aside from the countless forums which required searching 100’s of pages there wasn’t any succinct information that I could find which would help me make my decision. Sure there were many reviews but I felt they reflected more the users need of the bag and not whether it was worth investing in. Yes INVESTING. That is exactly what a Chanel bag is, its most definitely an investment and should you decide to sell it in the future you can be guaranteed to get what you paid or even more, hence always remember to insure your premium bags, so many people seem to oversee this.

Okay so lets get to it, below I’ve listed a summary of the bag, the uses, the features, and the difference in leathers and finishing. Hopefully this will make decision making much easier.

Sizes – There are 5 sizes for the Chanel 2.55 – Mine is the Large (also known as Jumbo)- We talk prices further down .

Finishing- The 2.55 comes in two finishing- Caviar and Lambskin- Caviar is a thicker, tougher and grainier leather which doesn’t get damaged or scuffed and will keep its shape and design forever! Lambskin looks luxurious, is soft but super delicate and it can get damaged within 2 seconds and will cost £100’s t repair, its not worth it at all!

Design The quilted “diamond” design makes the bag iconic and has a number of influences from jockeys’ riding coats, to Parisian stained-glass. It keeps the bag secure and durable and is a preventative measure to the bag being damaged,  there are also some ‘secret stitches’ at the back to ensure durability.

Lock– The Chanel 2.55 comes with a Double interlocked CC front which secures the bag.


~ The inside compartment -there’s a zippered compartment on the inside of the front flap. That’s where Coco Chanel hid her love letters (from her lover at the time- how cute!!)

~ Lipstick compartment- Inside the bag in the pictures shown below is a small but cute compartment which easily houses a lipstick (It is rumoured Chanel never went out without lipstick, again just clever and a very sweet touch).

~ Inside flap compartment- upon opening the bag there is a compartment immediately inside which is very useful for storing cards or paper and there is also one on the outside of the bag on the back, again great for quick storage.

Strap– The strap is hard wearing, a combination of leather and metal and allows the bag to be used cross-body, on the shoulder or as a clutch (harder with the medium and large bags).The chain straps were actually influenced by various things; the caretakers at the convent where Coco Chanel held their keys on their waist with the same chains she used on her bags.

PriceChanel is amongst the masters of the crippling price increase and the bags will never be reduced in price. The current price is double what it was a couple of years back.

– Small Classic Flap Bag- Price

– Medium Classic Flap Bag- Price

– Large (Jumbo) Classic Flap Bag – Price

– Jumbo Classic Flap Bag- Price

Care There are lots of thoughts and differences of opinion on how to take care of a bag, the main thing to remember is never use any kind of liquid, spray etc on a Chanel, NO, NO NO. Only use a dry cloth and if in doubt take it in store, if you store your bag correctly and keep the straps away from the leather you will be fine. There are many care instructions but rather then list them out all again, the lovely Lollipuff has some great care tips so check them out on her blog!











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