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MODSHOP: eCommerce with a Cause

By Admin — March 20, 2014

MODSHOP is a new online shopping initiative, that was founded by M. Sadeel Allam in New York. It provides a platform for U.S based designers to market their products, all with a modest ethos. But that’s not all. What makes MODSHOP stand apart from the crowd is its strong emphasis on selling products that are ethical.

It’s three step goal is to:

1. Bring you modest style options

2. Contribute in a ‘1st Step initiative towards reducing ‘Slave-Labor’ and promoting ‘Fair-Labor’ from the garment construction aspect.

3. Help small businesses grow.

Personally I think this is a great project, and highly admirable. Recent disasters such as the collapse of the factory in Bangladesh shook the garment industry, and popular brands, who use conditions that are akin to slave labour to manufacture their products. However, like with all disasters, the spotlight on the fashion world was temporary, and now has been long forgotten.

Nonetheless as consumers, we have a duty to find out where out products come from, and if they are made in fair conditions or not. Although many of us are struggling, often on student loads or graduate wages, we should try as best as we can. I know it can be hard, especially when looking for a bargain, but we should not be afraid to question stores about their policies.

“This can no longer go on, we as Muslims and people of all faiths have to really wake up and put to use what our religion teaches us about the responsibility we have over ourselves and importantly over others.”

 M. Sadeel Allam, Owner

The products on its website are carefully selected and having had a search through, I found some beautiful dresses, and a range of bold scarves.




They even have a bridal section which can come in handy to those planning their special day.




The MODSHOP is also in partnership with U.S. Organizations under The Fair Trade Federation that are 100% full ‘Fair-Labor’ and assist women in developing countries who have either escaped or have been rescued from sexual slavery and/or other inhumane environment and who now make jewelry and other accessory pieces to sustain themselves and/or families in their new life.

Browse products for sales at MODSHOP here

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