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Monday Musings – A Break from Social Media

By Samia — August 10, 2015


As many of you will who follow our blog will have noticed we haven’t been very active over the last 1-2 months, especially on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s been touching to receive lots of messages and emails asking what is happening and where we have disappeared to! Fret not we are here!

I consciously decided to give all social media a break recently. This was for a number of reasons- job change, Ramadan and more importantly, to take time out and to reflect (the latter not being so easy!). It got to a stage where days would go by and I had to remind myself to check in on Instagram and twitter etc-crazy or what.

I would highly recommend taking a break from things which become ‘routine’. I guess it’s like a relationship, they say if you see each other too often you don’t get the chance to miss each other, this is totally the same! Getting back into the swing of blogging, social media etc. was hard but it gave me such a fresh perspective and outlook which I totally needed and was grateful for.

I went away for a couple of days, tried to make the most of Ramadan which in itself was so exhausting and spent time with family and friends and took time out to re-connect with those that are important to me. It really felt amazing and I would most definitely recommend trying it. It’s mind blowing to imagine how reliant we are now on social media presence and technology. At work I had to give my laptop in to get repaired for only a couple of hours but I found myself restless and feeling so unproductive. This is testament to just how much we rely on technology to communicate and be productive!

My advice next time you have the time is to switch off and enjoy, go out, take a short break, spend time with family or friends or even just go for a pamper day with no technology present, works wonders 🙂

Anyway we are back and better than ever. Our editor is in New York this week! (jealous much!!) so don’t forget to follow her adventures on Instagram and Facebook an she will be updating the blog on her return. We also have some exciting collaborations and events coming up and will be joining forces with a Luxury Retailer very soon, keep your eyes peeled, we are super excited!

Below is some outfit inspiration from Dubai-have a great week!


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