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Monday Musings – Random Acts of Kindness

By Samia — February 09, 2015

rak8Where has the New Year gone! Time has indeed flown by. Before we know it half the year will have gone. Thank you so much for the love, positive comments and appreciate words about my previous #mondayconfessions – see here. I was really blown away by the messages I got and was really touched.

I am writing this week’s post on the train between meetings. I am in the City for most of the day and later heading out to a Launch event for a company in Chelsea. I hate being late and am crazy about effective time management. Today however for various reasons I got held up and as I was rushing to get onto the train, I just about made it in as the doors shut. Despite it being 6.45am, the train was so packed! Having reasoned with myself that I was not going to get a seat I decided to stand near the doors for the rest of the commute, luckily it was not a long one. I suddenly felt a touch on my shoulder and an elderly gentleman was standing behind me. ‘Please take my seat’ he said- this instantly git my mind wondering ‘omg does he thing I’m Pregnant?! I must look so fat today!!!’ why else would he offer me a seat?? Why did I wear such an unflattering coat!! . When I politely declined he said ‘please dear, let some chivalry stay alive’. I was shocked. I utterly was lost for words. His words just blew me away. I was really touched.

I’m not saying that every man should give up their seat just because they are men, but it was such a touching thing to do and it really got me thinking how much we do for others or how polite and well-mannered we really are. In today’s crazy world with hectic routines, rushing from here to there, everyone is in their own world. No one has 5 minutes for someone else because it will impact on their time and affect their routine, we don’t really have time to stop and reflect and it’s something we should do often, it helps create mindfulness and by constantly reviewing and reflecting we are able to improve ourselves, that can be in terms of career, family life, even relationships.

I recently watched a video on YouTube about a Thai man who would always do something for others every day (see below) , it was a small act of goodwill but the end product of kindness meant that the person he helped was able to go to school and get an education and help her community with her skills, such a powerful message. As my previous post highlighted we all have an important legacy to leave and that one smile or act of kindness could have a much larger repercussion then we could ever imagine. I love random acts of kindness from strangers and the gesture often serve as a reminder of being kind without expecting anything in return because the outcomes can sometimes be amazing.

Random Acts of Kindness – Thai Commercial


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