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Monday Musings – Sisterhood

By Samia — January 26, 2015

This is the first post of a new weekly segment to the blog. It will cover a range of topics from inspiration, motivation, success stories, experiences, musings and so on. So grab a cup of tea and read on!

I felt really compelled to write this post, it’s been nagging away at me for a while now and I can’t seem to get my head around it. When you enter the world of blogging, you gain one of the most biggest blessings (in my opinion) and that is the opportunity to meet so many talented, educated, professional, beautiful and  successful women (I could go on). I was reflecting upon who I have met on this journey and sometimes I am taken aback by the talent that so many of my fellow bloggers, young women, mummies, professionals and so on. Wow.
I am however also sadly taken aback by the backbiting, jealousy and excuse my French *bitchiness*, that exists amongst women. I just can’t understand why this exists. I am not a feminist ( I hate that word), I believe that equality between genders is a basic human right and we shouldn’t have to categorise it in its own box (a topic for another day!). Why is it then woman can’t work together, rejoice in each other’s success and help others along the way without feeling threatened by others success, and feeling it’s a competition.

The increasing use of social media demonstrates just that. You only have to spend 5 minutes on Instagram and Facebook and have a look at some of the comments left on bloggers, personalities or even individuals profiles to just see that. Sometimes I read comments for this purpose and I am left baffled. Sure, I don’t agree with everything I see on social media, I don’t however make it my business to comment on something simply because I don’t ‘like’ it. The number of horrible, abusive and disgusting comments I read leaves me lost for words. Bullying is not acceptable full stop. Just because it has now taken to being online it’s no different, except  by name ‘cyber bullying’.

I was speaking to a friend of mine who began blogging not so long ago and then suddenly she stopped. I asked her why and if she wanted some help to build up her blog, but I found she always dismissed it and said she was too busy to get round to it. She was soo talented, so it didn’t make sense to me. Finally she confided that it took so long for her to pluck up the courage to enter the world of blogging and found it a creative outlet for her stressful life, what she wasn’t ready for however was the cyber bullying. She got called names, was sent abusive private messages and when she tried to enter the network of blogging women, she was met with jealousy. Unbelievable!!

Women really under estimate the power they have. When I say power, I mean the choice of words they use. One word of encouragement from your female friend, colleague, stranger (hell even your mum!) can have the power to totally changing your day. We are unbelievably blessed to have such great skills between us, we should be empowering each other to be the best, aim higher, strive for success, be successful. I often mentor young school children and have witnessed first-hand the power of influence. I often ask these youngsters what do you want to be, what do you want to do when older and it upsets me to see how many of these have no ambitions, no idea the reality of life and so many are so talented but it goes to waste.

We need to be the influence for the next generation especially other young women, we need to show a solidarity and example of how great women are working together, the happiness of celebrating another woman’s success and most importantly, the fact that if you work hard and try your best, you will go far and be successful (remember there is no one definition of success).

So if you’re a blogger, doctor, hairdresser, lawyer, mummy, accountant, PA, retail assistant etc regardless be happy and confident in who you are and what you do, and help other women to feel just as proud. Do something for another woman in your life, give her a smile, a compliment or even a hug and even if you get a smile from someone it’s worth it, believe me.

sisterhood-powerpoint-1-728Happy Monday ladies, now go out there and be amazing!


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