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Monday Musings- Staying Motivated

By Samia — March 02, 2015


hhOne of the most difficult things at times can be keeping motivated.  Even I find that I can have so many things to do at times and that it can sometimes get difficult to stay focused on one thing. I often get asked how I do so many things at once; Juggling a full time profession in the corporate world, being a blogger (which can take up most of my free time!), spending quality time with family and friends and finding time for myself! There is not one answer or one way of doing things and it’s taken me years to get to a stage where I feel I can manage my time successfully and fit in so many things. I thought I would share a couple of tips with my readers of things I have learnt along the way and some tips. I have been a student and transitioned into the workforce so I know how difficult it can be!!

Prioritise – I know this is easier said than done- What is most important for you at this given time? Are you studying or just beginning your career? If so put your efforts into that. Whilst its important to have a variety of interests outside of work, when you are in the most important part of your studying and career, focus your time on that and this will give you the opportunity to benefit from the results. Don’t get distracted from the end result.

Work out– It is scientifically proven that when you exercise or even go for a walk it allows your body and mind to balance and gives you an incredible amount of energy! I know when I’ve felt lazy, gone home, eaten and gone to bed, I feel worse for wear, funnily enough working out, even doing Pilates or yoga has always helped me and made me feel so refreshed and energised.

Make a list– Firstly if you find it hard to balance tasks and lose track of what you need to do, write it down, make a list in your phone or even on paper (I make one each morning at work on my desktop) – tick off the tasks you have completed and there is a sense of achievement when you complete them.

Bucket list– I use to find it a bit cringe when people would tell me they wrote bucket lists, and now I am one of them. Yes I have had some humble pie. Every year I write yearly targets and life goals and there’s no way I have achieved all of them but knowing I have worked towards ticking off things really motivates me to aim higher.

Be ambitious– Don’t even think you can’t achieve what you ant. There is one thing that will only hold you back and that is you. Change your mind set, be proactive and work hard. Nothing comes for free and nothing comes overnight. Those who are successful and at the top of their careers will all tell you about the hard work and effort it took, value the journey and make sure you learn something each day.

Me time– Last but not least and the most important piece of advice I can give is that make sure you give time to yourself. As mentioned previously the balance of mind and body is what will enable you to work harder and better. Everyday do one thing for yourself, doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or costly. Have a bubble bath, have a cup of tea or coffee in the garden, light some candles (this is how I relax!) or just even a facemask!!

I hope the above points help in somewhat as I know how busy life can get. Have an awesome week loves and I will see you on my next post, we have had so much going on,  a post on yesterday’s  HauteArabia event (last year’s details here!) The upcoming Saverah event (previous event details here) and more!

See you soon x


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