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Beauty – Mud Glorious Mud – Handmade cosmetics by Lush

By Hannah — April 11, 2013

Fresh, Fruity and good enough to eat!


Over the past couple of years going organic has become fashionable and the cosmetics industry has started to follow this trend by jumping on the bandwagon and becoming more main stream.  Lush is the leading brand introducing bath, body, face, shower and hair products. You might be thinking what is so special with the list I have mentioned but the best thing about these handmade products is… its ALL NATURAL!

The products that I have recently purchased, tried and tested are two face masks: Catastrophe Cosmetic and Ayesha… So let me tell you the verdict:

Catastrophe Cosmetic: for those who wear makeup all the time, or for those like me who need to wear make up all the time, I found this face mask was the perfect solution to keep your skin fresh and well nourished.  I have been told a few times that we shouldn’t use face masks regularly because it dries out your face and can make you age faster. It is safe to say this is not true about this product! One, because it is made out of natural ingredients and two, so far, I am still looking rather young even if I do say so myself!  This face mask is 100% organic and contains the following quantitative ingredients Calamine Powder, Talc, Irish Moss Gel, Fresh Blueberries, Glycerine, Almond Oil, Rose, Chamomile Blue Oil and Sweet Wild Orange Oil. The featured ingredient in this product is blueberries.


This face mask smells just as good as it feels once you have it on. It tastes nice too – I must admit there have been a few times when I have tasted it by “accident”!:P

Irish moss gel softens the skin, whilst almond oil moisturises and leaves it supple. Fresh blueberries are full of vitamins and minerals and have antioxidant properties. Rose and chamomile essential oil reduces redness and irritation. Calamine and talc deep clean and soothe the skin at the same time. Combined together they provide your skin with a good deep cleanse without causing puffiness – leaving the face cool, clear and calm.

I am sure we are all aware of those times when we get one or two spots and get into such a panic? This mask is here to lend you a bit of perspective, to tell you to calm down, it’s not the end of the world and it’s nothing that can’t be sorted. Basically, this is a must have.

This deep cleansing mask, is designed for regular maintenance to keep the skin clean and clear.  A tip to the wise, regular deep cleansing can avoid spots occurring and keep skin in top condition.


Ayesha: for those with mature skin, you might want to try Ayesha, but if your young like me, DON’T!

It is the ideal product if you have noticed the odd “fine lines” because it tightens the skin and closes the pores. It also reduces laugh lines and clears blemishes. When I tried this product I felt my cheek bones and jaw line were more defined. The effects of this mask left my skin smooth and taut however, this feeling only lasted for an hour or so. There was no other visible improvement and long term usage could possibly make the skin feel loose.

The quantitative ingredients for this product are Fuller’s Earth, Honey, Elderflower and Lime flower, Glycerine, Fresh Asparagus, Fresh Kiwi Fruit, Witch Hazel Extract,  Rosemary Oil and Elderflower Vinegar. The featured ingredient in this facemask is fresh kiwi fruit. The asparagus in the mask helps to break down dead skin for removal – leaving your skin looking brighter and smoother. Fuller’s earth and witch hazel will help to absorb grease and dirt, whilst also tightening the skin.


When you apply this mask, it makes the skin feel cool and relaxed knowing that you are not putting chemicals on your face, as both masks are preservative-free.

The downside for both of these products being organic is when you first apply them they feel fantastic. However after a couple of weeks, the active ingredients do not perform as well as they first did. In order for this not happen make sure you store it in the fridge.

As a student, I am always on the lookout for a bargain. The price for each of the masks is £5.95. This may sound a tad bit pricey but it will last a month! You can order online (https://www.lush.co.uk/), but I would strongly advise you all to purchase Lush products from the stores (found all over the UK) and experience the pleasure of “try-before-you-buy” as well as the aromas and the overall ambience. The shop also has a huge range of products and you may find something that you can recommend to all of us, so don’t forget to comment below.

I have come to a conclusion that so far I am a big fan of Lush and will continue to try out different products, so watch this space!

-Keeping it beautiful. Peace-

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