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Nobu (Monte Carlo)

By Samia — April 10, 2015

SONY DSCAs you have probably noticed from our food reviews, I just love Japanese cuisine in particular sushi! I do promise there will be a range of cuisines which we review for you! During our recent trip to the Côte d’Azur, we spent a couple of days in Monaco. I am a huge fan of the Nobu chain and I aim to dine at each restaurant here and abroad if I get the opportunity, I have had the opportunity to visit both the London establishments, New York and Dubai and had to try out the Monte Carlo restaurant This is no ordinary dining experience, compared to the other locations I have visited, the view from our table was just stunning, overlooking the sea and offering a unique dining experience.

 a restaurant in the heart of one of the most exclusive destinations in the world. Located between the legendary Casino of Monte Carlo and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the Fairmont Monte Carlo’s reputation as the finest luxury resort in Monaco timelessly endures. As an exceptional cruise liner moored on the Monaco’s coastline, it offers enchanting views of the sea, the F1 Grand Prix Fairmont Hairpin and the vibrant town.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSalmon and avacado cut rolls and salmon cut rolls

SONY DSCSalmon cut rolls and spicy tuna cut rolls

SONY DSCSONY DSCRock Shrimp in creamy Jalepeno sauce

SONY DSCRock Shrimp in creamy spicy sauce

SONY DSCSONY DSCJasmine White rice to accompany the shrimp

SONY DSCAubergine Tempura


No- there are not many establishments in Monaco that serve halal food however there is a range of vegetarian and seafood options available.

The Food
If you like seafood then there is plenty of options. I know many people don’t like uncooked fish in options such as sushi and sashimi but fear not, the menu gives many cooked options such as Black Cod (didn’t have this here but have tasted it in London- Amazing!) and other hot fish and vegetarian dishes.

We ordered our sushi first – Luckily we both have similar food palettes so it wasn’t difficult deciding what to get. We chose a couple of cut hand rolls which had 6 pieces each so between us this was plenty (24 pieces in total).

We opted for two portions of the salmon cut rolls, this was simply salmon but the quality of the cut of fish was sublime, a really good light choice to begin with. We additionally ordered a portion of the spicy tuna cut rolls, this was a light mayonnaise based sauce with spices, coupled with the highest grade of tuna steak, I have no words for how tasty this was, if you like your Sushi you will understand! The final cut roll of salmon and avocado was just as good.

We didn’t opt for too many mains as we had a dessert date with some friends at Hotel De Paris and so wanted to save some room.  Having tasted the creamy Rock Shrimp in London I knew this would be a choice I didn’t need to think twice about. There are three cream sauces and we chose the Jalapeño based cream and spicy based cream. Both flavours sound similar but they are very different, the spicy is very sweet spiced and the Jalapeño slightly sharper, it depends on the flavour you want. If I had to choose one again it would most probably be the spicy one, we had this with a portion of Jasmine rice which came with salad and it accompanied the shrimp perfectly.

The Vibe
We decided to book our table just before sunset so that we could view it as we dined. When we entered the restaurant it was not too busy, the décor is a beautiful duck green which complements the sea view very well and gives a very relaxing ambience. The staff were so polite and friendly, the friendliest Nobu I have visited. Around 9pm the restaurant became jam packed and was busy with business meetings, families, friends catching up and couples having an intimate dinner.

Return Visit
Most definitely- the quality of the fish and then service is impeccable.

We paid £48 per person which is very reasonable for Nobu, this is cheaper then what I have paid in Dubai and London by quite a significant amount.

More information
http://www.noburestaurants.com/monte-carlo for more details and menu. You can walk in beforehand but wont be guaranteed a table as it gets very busy and you may need to be seated at the Bar, booking beforehand is highly recommended..

Already been to any of the Nobu restaurants? Share your experience below-we love to read all your comments! 


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