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Aquaini Burkini

By admin — January 08, 2012

This review will be a little different from our normal features, since we have never done beach or swimwear before. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive before doing this review, as I had only heard of Burkinis, and never really tried one myself. However it is always good to be a bit adventurous, and like me, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Aquaini, is a UK based company which specialises in selling these covering swimsuits. They are designed to be worn at the beach, swimming pool or any other such place where you would prefer to be covered whilst enjoying yourself, like everyone else!!
The sister behind Aquaini, has worked hard to get this company up and running and to provide us all an alternative to simply sitting on the beach watching others have all the fun! She took her inspiration from a visit to Malaysia where she discovered covering swimwear, and upon finding that it was difficult to find them in the west, she decided to design her own range. Her trip to Malaysia was therefore a life changing experience.

Aquaini sent me a Pink/Black Burkini to review, in a size Small. When I first open the package, and felt the material, I was quite happy with its quality. It has a silky waterproof texture, which is found on normal swimming costumes, and again it seemed quite…normal! I was half expecting to find a funny looking crazy costume but actually it is well made, and clearly has the customer in mind.

This was the one sent to me, as seen above on the model from the Aquani website. The head covering or cap, is attached to the neck, so you never will be able to loose it! It is easy to slip on and once your hair is tucked in, the cap is quite snug and comfortable. After I wore it, for a second of too I felt a bit strange, and then I looked in the mirror and thought, actually, it doesn’t look bad at all, and secondly, yes it may attract a bit of attention, but then again, women who wear headscarves are used to having a few stares here and there and to be honest if this allows you to enjoy yourself freely on the beach, who cares?

The trousers are also a snug nice fit and quite loose, whilst the dress is a nice length covering your behind not being too long to impair the ability to swim.

I had a size small, and this fit perfectly as I normally wear a 6-8 and I am quite petite. Therefore I would say if you are taller it may be best to go for one up to make sure the trousers and sleeves are long enough.

The Burkinis are available from the Aquaini site here  and come in various sizes, ranging from Small, Medium, Large and extra Large. They are priced from £40 which to be honest is really reasonable, and a well worth investment for the future.  The burkinis comes in a blue/black colour combination as well.

Further to being covering, these suits are also excellent for your skin. Sometimes those of us with olive or darker complexions, assume we dont need to apply sun protection when out on the beach or even on a sunny day, wrong!! It can be very harmful to your skin, and this suit makes sure none of those rays are absorbed into your skin. You would only need to apply lotion to your face regularly.

Still not not convinced? Well Nigella Lawson recently took to the beach in a burkini, and as she has pale skin she knows the harm that the sun can do her. Despite not being a Muslim, she rocked the Burkini, and showed that if you have confidence, you can pull of just about anything!!

So to summarise, here are the benefits of a Burkini from Aquaini:

-Protects your Skin from Harmful UV rays
-No wet horrible hair
-Quick drying and waterproof

-Available in a range of Sizes
-UK Based
-Online store here 

Join the Aquani facebook fan page here to show your support and keep up to date on their latest products and range.

Next time I go to the beach, I want to see, Burkinis, everywhere!!! 😀

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