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Beauty – Safe-Nails

By Samia — December 22, 2014


Wearing nail polish and the drama that comes with it is always an issue for Muslim women… Why? Well because in order for a woman to be able to perform prayer (Muslims pray 5 x daily) water needs to penetrate through the nail and anything that prevents this form of ablution does not complete prayer).

You may remember we also reviewed the Ingot O2M collection last year (read here!) and this is the second of our series, reviewing brands which offer the option for women to be able to wear nail polish during prayer or wear an easier to remove option.

Safe and Beautiful  is a company founded initially to cater for providing the first chemical and toxin free and 100 % European water soluble and easily washable children’s nail polish. The polish requires no soap or remover and simply requires you to apply and wash off when suitable. What initially started off as being a product for children has now developed and grown and the brand now offers adult versions of these products in a range of colours (S’n’B range’).  The company send us a couple of this new range to put to the test and see what we think.

First things first – the range the polishes come on is extensive, it’s not limited to a couple of colours and the colours are rich. Upon first inspection and application I did notice the polish is thin in texture, let’s not forget these are not chemical based polishes and don’t offer extensive depth or texture like Essie, Chanel etc., but keeping in mind their purpose to allow you to pray, wash off easily and the fact that they are safe for children this is understandable.

One coat is not enough, two coats are most definitely needed but they don’t take long to dry around 30 seconds. Once applies the colour is quite glossy and looks nice. We then decided to put the polish to the test and see how easy it was to wash. No soap was require and after about 5 seconds of washing the polish just came off! It was very simple.

Final thoughts- The polish is definitely not one if you’re looking for something durable and long lasting, if you have children or are looking for something to wear for an evening out but still want to perform your prayers or want a polish that is toxic free and doesn’t leave any colour or odour behind then this is perfect. You never need to purchase nail polish remover again!

For long last effect the S’N’B Collection do offer the option of a  natural water based top coat, which once applied, offers the same duration as all ordinary nail polishes, see here!












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