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SixteenR – The new word on everyones lips

By admin — December 05, 2010

I love accessories which are unique and seem to have a personal touch to them, is it just me or does it make wearing the item a bit more special? Even when I buy things from shops I never wear them straight away until they are out of season or trend as seeing other people wearing the same item doesn’t seem to have the same feeling to it. Its very rare to find concept scarves and this review will explore a new revolution is scarves that will never go out of fashion.

Tagore Black Pashmina

I came across an amazing website called SixteenR a few months ago and I was wowed. I love the edgy, unique and ultra suave range of hijabs and accessories that the brand has to offer. In addition the marketing and branding of the scarves has something very modern yet chic to it, one thing that is very apparent is that it definitely ticks the fashion stakes which are very in demand of fashion conscious women who wants their scarves to complement their lifestyles.

Below are some of my favourite scarves courtesy of the website, reading on you will find some of the scarves from the range which I have personally used and fashioned during a recent fashion show, seeing the hijab in action gives you a idea of how they do look on:

Electric Blue Muslin
Printed off White Pashmina
Two Tone Chiffion

When I received the scarves the first thing that I noticed was the attention to detail, I firmly believe you can tell the quality and care that has been put into a product from the way it has been presented, these scarves were individually wrapped in tissue and each scarf has its own individual label, they were presented with a business card and the softness of the scarves is apparent at first touch.

The first scarf I received was the ‘Magenta Volks Pashmina’ , this scarf is noticeable from afar! It is such an edgy and unique scarf and I instantly fell in love with the street and urban style printing that was on it. There are far too many choices of pashminas available on the market and finding something unique is very appealing. This scarf can be worn both on its own, as an accompaniment to an outfit (draped around the shoulders) or even layered with another scarf. I used this on my model to accentuate another scarf and for the printing and design to be clearly visible as it is very edgy:

Magenta Volks Pashmina
The second scarf I received was the Two tone chiffon scarf, this has a striking two tone red and orange glow to it which is ideal as it can compliment outfits of both colours or can be used on a more subtle outfit to stand out. This scarf is very soft in texture and frames the face very well. It is square however the dimensions are very generous and I loved how it can be layered so easily. i styled this with a jilbab however I wanted to give the jilbab a more dressed up look and this scarf was perfect in doing that:
Two Tone Chiffon

All in all the scarves are a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe, the offer an effortless and versatile touch to the emerging scarves market and i can certainly see that with a more varied range and even a possibility of printed chiffon scarves they certainly will be taking the Hijab market by storm.

Don’t forget to have a browse of their blog and join them of facebook and twitter :

Online Store: http://www.sixteenr.com
Blog: http://sixteenr.wordpress.com
FB: http://www.facebook.com/shop16R
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sixteenR

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