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Stax Diner (Central London)

By Admin — May 31, 2016


I have wanted to try Stax Diner for a while now.  The pictures on Instagram of really large over indulgent American burgers got both my husband and myself very interested!

I love the area that the diner is located in. Kingly Court is an enclosed space of restaurants and cafes in one of the trendiest areas of London, where university students mingle with tourists, working professionals and hipsters.  There is a Mac store close by as well as Liberty and all the designer shops you can think about on nearby Regents Street.

Stax Diner is American food at its finest. Stax is the realisation of the long-held ambition of acclaimed chef and Virginia-born Bea Vo (of London’s celebrated cake shop and tearoom Bea’s of Bloomsbury and the renowned Maltby Street Diner) to bring the best of the American Deep South to London (http://www.staxdiner.com).

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Cookies and Cream Milkshake


Stax Instanity Burger


Popcorn Shrimp and Stax Fries

20160415_195806 Chicken and Waffle


Yes, this was verbally confirmed. For more information contact Stax.

The Food
The menu is typically American inspired- a variety of burgers, milkshakes and fries, as well as other fried choices.  We had a look around as to what everyone else was ordering before we made a decision.  After much deliberation, I got the Chicken and Waffle (£12.95) not sure what to expect and wouldn’t get it again.  It’s a strange combination that might work for some but for me it was just odd and felt dry. The chicken coating itself wasn’t too flavoursome and the waffle was, well just a waffle. It looks quirky and yes it looks instagramable but it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea.

My husband’s burger was the Stax Insanity (£12.50) which was quite spicy and nicer, so I shared a little of that (although he doesn’t really like sharing!).  It comes with onion rings, and turkey bacon, which was too hard to chew on. The Cookies and Cream milkshake (£5) was delicious and probably was the item that made the meal a bit more enjoyable. The Stax Fries (£2.75) were standard and the Popcorn Shrimp Bucket (£6.75) was okay too. We love shrimp normally, but perhaps for a meal that is heavy already another fried side isn’t a good choice.

The Vibe
On first impression, the diner was pretty small, a lot smaller than expected.  We were therefore unable to get a table straight away and were told to come back. Fortunately, they have a good system of letting you know where you are in the queue so we decided to take a walk around Regents Street and pop into Hamleys because you’re never too old to play with toys!  Once we were back we were to be seated facing the window, not on a table.  This annoyed me a bit, as sitting opposite the person you are eating with is key to conversation and enjoyment,  but since we had already waited and were really hungry, we decided not to make a fuss.

The atmosphere was good and full of hip young people who equally thought they were at a trendy place.  One of my gripes though about restaurants is when they have grubby washroom facilities. One toilet for everyone to share? No thanks. Given it is a small establishment but I felt like I needed to have a bath in sanitiser afterwards.

Return Visit
Given these days in London a good gourmet halal burger may set you back £10-12 or more but then I do expect that at that price, it is really tasty. We have since been to Loaded Burgers which was impressive as is Steak Out, so if you want to make in the already saturated market of halal American diners then you really need to stand out above the crowd. Would I go back? No.

Together we spent around £40.

More information
http://www.staxdiner.com for more details and a full menu.

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