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Sticks’n’Sushi (Canary Wharf)

By Admin — May 29, 2015


Last weekend we decided to check out the new Crossrail Place in Canary Wharf. Although the train link isn’t ready yet, some restaurants and units have opened already. These include an Everyman Cinema and a Breakfast Club restaurant-what more could you ask for! It’s great for those who live in the East End as we they no longer have to go towards central London.

Sticks’n’Sushi is somewhere I have wanted to try for some time, and certainly didn’t disappoint. According to their website:

Sticks’n’Sushi was founded 18 years ago by brothers Jens and Kim Rahbek and Thor Andersen. Taking inspiration from their half-Japanese, half-Danish background, they created a unique cuisine that combines two culinary traditions. This made Sticks’n’Sushi a dynamic and innovative force on the Danish gourmet scene.

Ebi Bites
Edamame Beans

Shrimp Handrolls
Shrimp Handrolls and Seabass Sashimi

Spicy Tuna Small Rolls

Bergamot Orange Crème Brûlée and one Dark Fondant

No- however you would be coming here for the seafood so not to worry!

The Food
There is lots to choose from on the menu. We wanted to go light as we weren’t too hungry but narrowing down our choices wasn’t easy as the menu had so many delicious looking dishes on offer.

In the end we chose Ebi Bites as a starter, which were really good, and Edamame Beans. Edamame Beans are always a good thing to start with as they’re quite healthy and a good way to keep your appetite for the main, whilst having something to nibble on. The Ebi Bites are tempura shrimp with chill, coriander, fresh lime and miso-absolutely delicious. We were contemplating ordering another portion of these but I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

We also ordered crunchy Shrimp Temaki/Handrolls which were yummy. They are quite filling and full of flavor with veggie and salmon options if you fancy something else. For sashimi, we got the Sea Bass which was lovely delicate pieces of fish, finely cut and served on a platter. Again this was a good choice and quite healthy too. The final dish we ordered for mains were the Tuna with Chill Hosomaki/Small Rolls. There are plenty of options for types of rolls, from sizes to flavor. I think if you were with a group or quite hungry, there are lots more options for sharing. We saw a couple next to us go for one of the larger platters that was amazingly presented.

For desserts we went for two pots. One Bergamot Orange Crème Brûlée and one Dark Fondant with chocolate caramel and peppermint, which was divine. They were really good, and perfectly sized to not leave you feeling sickly, whilst costing around £2.50-£3, they are also reasonably priced.

The Vibe
As it is a new complex; Crossrail Place was quite quiet on the evening we went. However, Sticks’n’Sushi was definitely the busiest place there and although we didn’t need to book a table that night, I would say it is safer to reserve as more people will start venturing there to explore what is on offer. The décor is modern and trendy, whilst there is a strong Danish theme, as the chain hails from Copenhagen. The service was friendly and attentive, with waiters taking time to explain the menu. The dim lighting creates a nice vibe if you’re on a romantic date, whilst there were some larger tables for groups.

Return Visit
We will return soon and I will also take my sister along as I know she loves Sushi. It is quite pricey though, so we will probably wait for an occasion to come around.

We paid £55 for two of us including service. However it is worth bearing in mind that we didn’t order as much as you probably normally would, as we wanted to go for a light dinner. If you are going to a full evening meal and have really built up your appetite, I would easily allow £100 for two. If you’re on a budget, it is worth saving it for a special occasion and then going all out with the larger platters.

More information
http://sticksnsushi.com/ for more details of locations and menus. Ring in advance to book, and in Canary Wharf make sure you ask about getting a parking ticket validated.

Already been to Sticks’n’Sushi? Share your experience below-we love to read all your comments!

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