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Stoke Park Spa and Country Club (Afternoon Tea)

By Samia — February 27, 2015

As I mentioned in my previous fashion post, last weekend we hosted an Afternoon tea Baby shower for one of my friends. We opted for the iconic Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire because it is known for its beautiful grounds and you have the option of having tea in the private dining room if your party is of ample size. As there were 12 of us we decided to opt for this.

The website describes Stoke Park as

Founded in 1908, Stoke Park is the perfect place to enjoy life in a five star and friendly atmosphere. We provide a unique combination of the traditions of an exclusive club and the best of today’s sporting, leisure, entertaining and hotel facilities in one of the most convenient locations in Britain: only 35 minutes from London and 7 miles from London Heathrow


Yes Stoke Park prepare halal versions of their menus and afternoon tea if it is booked and requested in advance.

The Food
The afternoon tea menu has three options, ‘Traditional Afternoon Tea’,  ‘Chocolate Afternoon Tea’ and the option of having either tea with Champagne. Naturally we all wanted a bit of the traditional and the chocolate version, as none of us drank alcohol.

The traditional option consists of  hand-made sandwiches, cakes and scones served with clotted cream, along with a choice of a wide range of teas and coffees. The chocolate version consisted of assorted finger sandwiches, a selection of homemade Chocolate Cakes and Pastries, Raisins and Chocolate Chip Scones with Clotted Cream and homemade preserve and Stoke Park’s Ultimate hot chocolate. Now whilst being a chocolate fan (albeit not a huge one), the idea of drinking hot chocolate and eating chocolate cakes was just too much for me! As a group we decided to opt for half chocolate and half traditional. The staff were very accommodating.

Whilst the food was being prepared we chose our tea. There was a large selection from black, to green, to fruit options and traditional English Breakfast. I am a huge green tea drinker however on occasion and especially when having afternoon tea, I usually like to opt for Earl Grey. I love the fragrant and light taste and the soft texture tends to balance and compliment the sweet indulgences that accompany it.

The sandwiches came and I felt that most of the options had just been slathered in between two pieces of bread. Whilst the chicken was cooked to perfection it was very dry and there was no moist flavour. The egg sandwiches tasted relatively better but again there is only so much egg you can eat. The most delicious sandwiches I must say were the avocado and salad variation. These were just amazing and topped with pesto tasted delicious.

The scones were nice and warm and not too big, the cream and jam were fresh and tasty. I ate an éclair and had some of the chocolate brownie but felt it was very heavy so I only had a mouthful. I prefer scones over pastries when having tea.

The Vibe
The hotel is steeped within acres of beautiful land. Especially when the sun is out you could not get a more beautiful view. People playing gold in the distance, a stunning lake and Bridge and the sun setting on the lawn. The private room and the Orangery where Afternoon tea is served has stunning views of the grounds. You could not ask for more attentive and polite staff.

Return Visit
I love the location, it is such a hidden gem, there is always a very subtle hustle and bustle and the staff are charming and polite. I would come again simply based on the fact that I have a love for the hotel and grounds and the spa is one of the best in Buckinghamshire. Having said that the Afternoon tea menu  could do with a lot of improvement to get up to the level of Mayfair and Knightsbridge competitors.

We paid £35 per head as we ordered a combination of the Chocolate Tea and the traditional afternoon tea. The price generally is £27.50 for traditional alone.

More information
http://www.stokepark.com/for more details and menu. Booking beforehand is recommended especially for the private room which can get booked up to months in advance.

Already been to Stoke Park? Share your experience below-we love to read all your comments! 

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