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Beauty – Talking Nail Care

By Samia — February 11, 2015


I am just hopeless when it comes to nail care. I can never seem to prevent my nails from chipping. Just when I think I’ve finally got them to the stage that they are about to grow.. wham they chip! That really stresses me out because I can’t deal with uneven lengths for nails, so this year I made a resolution, I need to up the nail care this year! In line with that I did a bit of research to find out what will help and supplement this and this post will be a quick guide to what I feel might be of benefit if any of you are having the same problem.

You are what you eat. This has to be first and foremost –  We all probably grew up hearing this from our parents when they tried to bribe us to eat more greens and what can I say they were right! For healthiness to radiate on the outside you need to nourish the inside. I’m fortunate enough to have a habit of eating fruit and veg but I definitely need to increase the amount and now have incorporated more oily nuts and kale, hopefully this will help and cut down on junk, I found this article useful, check it out on some food good tips.

Vitamins- I try not to take any form of tablets even when I am ill and in terms of vitamins, even then I try to build up my body’s immune system naturally. I have however looked into the benefits of certain types of Vitamins and now regularly take evening primrose (vital for women esp. to help during time of the month) and recently started to take vitamin B12, to help strengthen my hair and nails, benefits of certain vitamins for nail care can be found here.

Nail care- I have been looking for something which will push me to stop being lazy and put me into a routine to look after my nails, specifically hand care as opposed to nail polish etc. That’s when I discovered the ‘nail spa’ range from Safe-nails’ and wanted to share with my readers. As you will have seen on our previous post (here) about washable polishes (perfect for praying or just to apply for the evening out!)- Safe nails prides itself in toxic free products. Its spa range consists of nail serum oil, growth magic, gold elixir, anti-aging scrub and overnight mask. These products are small, perfect even for holiday and or to fit on your bedside table and are tempting enough to remind you to use them. It’s been a week now and I’ve noticed my nails are more softer, less dry and have more of a radiance to them, it’s too soon to see the effect on my nails chipping but fingers crossed!

What is your nail care like?

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