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The Baby Boom

By Humaira Ashraf — July 22, 2013

They’re just everywhere. Spamming up my Twitter timeline with countdown news, new-born pictures on Facebook statuses and crawling around my feet at shops and the prayer room. I’m talking about babies of course, and I don’t mind one bit.

This isn’t going to be a whole article expressing my broodiness, don’t worry. But it’s the mating season of the homosapiens and it’s hard not to avoid the topic. This morning I woke up to over twenty three notifications on social networking sites, all excited over the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been admitted to hospital in her early hours of labour. On the one hand, I really did not care – it was 8am on a Monday morning and the last thing I wanted to know was that a beautiful princess was having painful contractions and a human head may be popping out of her body in the next 48 hours (cue the sickness). However, I seemed to have a slight feeling of excitement for a couple I don’t even know. Millions of people are having babies across the world this exact minute (what a weird thought!), so why are we going wild over this one? Here are my analogies:



1) The Duchess of Cambridge goes by the name Kate Middleton, despite her eloquent birth name, Catherine Elizabeth. This seems to make her more appealing to the mainstream female audience, providing us with a role model we can actually relate to. Maybe that’s why she was named one of The 100 Most Influential Women in the World by Time in 2012. As an educated, feminine, classy, sporty, wife and mother-to-be, a lot of people look up to her.

2) She’s married to the oh-so-handsome Prince William (brother to even more oh-so-handsome Prince Harry), so women are either jealous of her relationship, or love her to pieces – either way, the gossip spreads.

3) Kate is royal and people are just patriotic.

and 4) Her pregnancy fashion is gorgeous, placing her in numerous Best Dressed lists across the globe.

Which brings me nicely onto the next point of Kate being a major style icon to the British. As part of the Royal family, Kate must remain modest and feminine 24/7, however that doesn’t stop her from looking great. As a former staff member at the fashion store Jigsaw and a major fan of Burberry and Alexander McQueen, Kate has a good eye for fashion and always steals the limelight at public appearances. Seeing a prominent female figure in a dress below the knee, or heels she can actually comfortable walk in, or a shawl around her shoulder, seriously gives me more hope for humanity! I feel like if women learn that you can still look stunning with more clothes on, we can eradicate lots of social problems. Having said that, fashion has changed hugely since the times of Princess Diana. If I speak to the older generation today, they all reminise about Diana to be a caring, modest, feminine figure who inspired a whole generation and still does today. Take a look at what she wore whilst pregnant with Prince Harry:


It’s just so cute! Who wouldn’t want to just hug that piece of candy floss?! On a serious note, one thing I do notice about earlier fashion, was that being pregnant was not something to create a hullaballoo about. There was no need to show everyone your growing bump, or hobble around in stilettos. Being pregnant was a mature responsibility, kept hidden from the evil eye and spoken about with respect and dignity – not as gossip. On the other hand, times have changed, and we must change with it. But what I admire, even though it took a lot to admit, is Kate Middleton’s timeless elegance. From suit dresses to comfortable weekend wear, there is something we all can take from her outfits as inspiration.

There has been a number of pregnancies and births this year, causing an uproar of women idealising over motherhood. Actresses Kate Winslett and Jenniffer Love Hewitt are both due this year with their first child and do not mind the swarm of paparazzi every time they leave the house. Penelope Cruz, on the other hand, is huge carrying her second child and opts for a disguised, chic look. Micheal Buble’s wife, Luisana Lopilato, is also expecting this year and I think all will agree that their child is going to be angelic. Of course, not forgetting, Kim Kardashian has recently given birth to her first child. As a star in the magazines, Kim was put under a lot of stress in the eye of the media, with other celebrities accusing her of being ‘fat and ugly’ whilst pregnant. With the help of the super-amazing-mum, Gwyneth Paltrow, things were put right and I for one know that Kim’s curves are to die for:


To end, I would like to make a final point as to why everyone is obsessing over other people’s babies and it is that – we are nosy women! I am not ashamed to admit, that I do love a good ol’ catch up, which may involve discussing someone else’s baby or pregnant outfits. At least it goes to show how we’re excited for our turn 😉

Tell us what you think – how would you dress with a baby bump? Are you excited for the new celebrity arrivals?

Till next time,
Humaira x

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