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The glamorous and perfect life of a blogger…

By Samia — November 08, 2014


‘ I don’t really like handbags and shoes’ …. Said no woman ever! But should we feel guilty for owning a designer one? I was inspired to write this post from fellow Fashion Blogger Tamara over at the Glam & Glitter ( check her out, her blog is amazing!)- I’ve been a reader of her blog for a while now and aside from her fashion posts I often find she writes some amazing posts musing over life and its challenges.

I recently met some friends for dinner and the first comment one of them passed at me having looked at my bag was – ‘OMG you have the most amazing life, you wear such nice things and have so many designer bags!’. Say what?!  It really got me thinking, do I really have the most amazing life?! For sure I am extremely blessed and extremely grateful but far from perfect.

Just like any other girl I love the finer things in life, I enjoy dressing well and taking pride in the blog, and bringing our readers the best in fashion, be that from the High St. or designer. I did have a bit of a relapse moment at one point where I thought what if people think I’m bragging, what if they think I’m boasting or trying to publicise everything I own on my blog, and so for a while didn’t post any outfits featuring any luxury items for that reason. With the increasing popularity of Instagram and other social media , the question of if we are all becoming more materialist and ’self-obsessed’ is one constantly on my mind.

I have been brought up with the ethic that you work hard and play hard, simple. My mother had the opportunity to give us everything and she did; in terms of experiences, family life and special moments, but for anything materialistic she made us work hard to achieve these and this is one value I am not only grateful for but also will pass onto my children.

What people don’t see from the outside of the blog and aside from the great opportunities to travel and attend events and PR days and working with brands, is that this is a very hard and intense job aside from juggling family life, personal commitments and for some bloggers like myself, alongside a demanding full time job. When you’re at an event people don’t see that you’ve had to book time off work to attend, had to juggle conference calls for work between journeys for events, had to rush into the station loo’s straight after a long day’s work and suddenly change like superman for your next blog meeting or event.

Managing and maintaining a blog is like running a business,-well it is one. You work with companies and bands, you work on projects and there is a lot of  admin work is involved in producing contracts and invoices.  Tweaking the blog to ensure its up to date etc is a lot of effort and hard work goes into it.

I bought my first designer bag from Prada when I was 24 and I remember I worked so hard for it-saving up for two years and even then I still had doubts about it. Then I thought- I’ve been working since I was 18 and it was my present to myself to symbolise this very fact. That the harder I work the better I can make my life, not only in the monetary sense.  Hence anything I do buy now, I save up hard and always reward myself for milestones and achievements so that when I look back at anything I have, everything has sentimental value. Even if I was blessed with all the wealth I could want I still think appreciating the value for things in life is far more important.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Let me know your thoughts on this post-or if I made you fall asleep!


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