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The Meat Co. (Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush)

By Admin — February 20, 2015



Last friday I was literally running out of work because I knew I was meeting my girlfriends and going for a nice relaxing dinner. Life just gets busier and although we plan to meet all the time, sometimes its so hard to get everyone around the same table! The times when no one can be bothered to try something new, we tend to end up in Westfield because it has a variety of different cuisines, that are all relatively good. We had been to The Meat Co. once or twice before for steak which it is most popular for (a review for that will come soon), as it has a dedicated halal menu. So this time we decided to go for something else and try their burgers. Although we all claim to be watching our weight, the reality is we all love our food too much… Not a cucumber stick in sight!

The Meat Co. website states:

Leveraging off its African heritage, The Meat Co London’s innovative design and striking decor reflects an eclectic combination of colour, texture & oversized bespoke elements to create a sense of theatre for diners.

The Meat Co takes pride in serving the finest steaks complemented by an impressive wine selection with international appeal.



A close up. You can ask for any cheese of your choice to accompany your burger..

Classic Meat Burger with blue cheeseSONY DSC

The infamous Rib Eye Burger


List of yumminess
Dark Chocolate Fondant with Salted Caramel Ice-creamSONY DSC
Passion Fruit BrûléeSONY DSC

Green Tea to end


Yes, the restaurant has a whole dedicated halal menu, including a range of non-alcoholic drinks,  which makes it clear when ordering.  If you can’t see it, just ask.

The Food

We reserved a table in the morning because it does tend to get busy. Once we sat down and had a long chit chat, we ordered our drinks from the mocktail menu, as well as some tap water. The mocktails are good and always refreshing. We opted for the lemonade, ginger and lime mocktail. For starters we ordered.. well nothing! We knew that the burgers would be heavy so skipped straight to the mains. However, there is a good variety of starters, so next time we will cover those.

In the halal menu, there are a few different types of burgers. We ordered a mixture, including the classic beef burger, chicken burger, and rib meat burger. All burgers come with sides, which is good because the burgers are a bit pricey, and you wouldn’t expect to pay separately for the side. They burgers  range from £14-£19. and we got some onion rings and fries between us as sides, as well as some sauces.

I liked my chicken burger quiet a bit, although I struggled to finish it. I mean you can say that it is just a grilled burger that you can get elsewhere, but the quality was definitely above average, and it was well seasoned large piece.  Two of my other friends ordered the classic beef burger, which I tasted. They liked it very much but for me it looked a bit thick and heavy. Remember to tell your server if you don’t like your meat too rare. as it can be, and they will make sure they cook it more for you.

One friend ordered the rib meat burger, which lived up to its expectation (being the most expensive too). It was soft and succulent pieces of meat, that were delicious, probably the best meat I’ve tasted. If you are really craving meat, then this would be the one to choose. We were all really full afterwards, leaving some bits here and there. It is always a shame to leave food behind, so we always make an effort to take it away where we can.

Although we were literally stuffed, we couldn’t leave without having dessert and tea! There is a mouthwatering menu, full of chocolate, fruits and all sorts of delights. We chose the passion friut brûlée, dark chocolate fondant as well as some green tea to wash it down. For me, chocolate is always a winner, so I liked that the most .The presentation of all the dishes was great, and everyone took snaps (of-course!).

The Vibe

The dim lighting and warm red decor adds to the lovely ambience the place has. It is quite large upstairs and can be loud, but you never get the feeling that is is overbearing, and it retains a feeling of intimacy. The service is good, and polite, and if you are a group, you can get a booth or large table. It is also a popular place for couples, as it does have a romantic feel to it. If the males in your life are always moaning about halal steak or good meat places in London, then this is the place to go!

Return Visit

Yes I am sure I will end up here soon enough again, although I am not a massive go-out-of- my-way-for-it meat eater. Maybe next time, I may go for a range of smaller dishes, or instead force my husband to share his steak as I can never eat it all (although that might be a bit difficult..;) ).


We paid around £25 each for a meal including drinks, dessert and service charge.

More Information

http://themeatco.com/ for more details and menu.

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