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The Sultaness and Inglot Collaboration

By Admin — June 20, 2013

Our article about the launch of the O2M range from Inglot cosmetics was received very well from our all readers, and has been one of the most popular posts on our blog for the last few months.

Good news for nail varnish lovers, especially those of our readers in New York City.  On the 29th June, Inglot Cosmetics will be partnering with The Sultaness to celebrate the release of their new O2M colours, and the online Sultaness store.  The Sultaness is a Muslim owned company that sells handcrafted jewelry and accessories.


This is the first time a major company such as Inglot is promoting and launching a Muslim owned one in the United States, and so it is an exciting time for all involved.

If you live close by, and want to be at the launch then make sure you RSVP on the event page here.

Otherwise, make you check out the Sultaness website here and register for the launch.


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