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About Us

Hijablicious was founded in 2010 with a passion to bring modest yet stylish clothing to the forefront of the fashion world. Since then it has grown rapidly and received attention from academics, businesses and media outlets, the highlight of which was a page spread in Marie Claire magazine. In addition to style notes, the blog now includes beauty reviews, features on inspirational women and giveaways, whilst providing a platform to help small and especially female led businesses to market their products.


Miss K.

Miss K (Editor) is a socio-political researcher by profession and co-runs Hijablicious. She likes seeing more young women get into entrepreneurship and helping small business owners get their products out to the right market, which is why she is passionate about Hijablicious. She was shortlisted for a Shell LiveWire Award in 2012 and is currently working towards launching her own fashion brand.


Samia (Development Director) is a qualified barrister, and a very qualified social networker! She brings her flair for fashion to the corporate world. She is great at sharing what we do, and is responsible for getting more people involved, whilst also working with a number of other organisations. She is a youth mentor and Young Leadership Graduate and loves helping young people and women achieve their potential. She enjoys shopping, cooking and holidaying.


Past Writers and Contributors 


Samihah is a makeup artist and often helps on our shoots and makes sure our models are looking beautiful. A headhunter by day, she also runs her own makeup company specialising in bridal and party makeup.

Check out her website here www.samihah.co.uk and like her facebook page www.facebook.com/samihahMUA here.


Hannah is a beauty and skin care enthusiast, who enjoys bringing a fresh approach to old remedies for modern women, who have little time to spare.


Humaira is a full-time student, part-time photographer, regular writer and all round happy soul. You can check out her blog here www.humaira-ashraf.tumblr.com



The Tech Guy

Screen-Shot-2014-02-08-at-11.44.41Sufian is the go-to tech guy who has helped us a lot with our website and is on hand whenever we need him.  He is a bit of a certified geek when it comes to html and building sites, which is good news for us! Visit his website which details his other project here http://sufianhassan.com



Rooful runs hiown successful photography company called Aliway and has helped us on shoots in the past. He also runs the Emerald Network connecting Muslim professionals amongst many other projects. Check out his photography on here www.aliwayphotography.co.uk


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