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The Ultimate Guide to Hijab Style & Fashion – Review

By Humaira Ashraf — June 22, 2013

Once I easily downloaded this eBook from their website (www.hijabstyleandfashion.com), the first thing I noticed was the sweet message  on the initial page of the book. Dedicated to her late father, Sakeena Rashid politely introduces the eBook with her wonderful story about coming from a small business to an online, global magazine.


The quality and display of the magazine is great, colourful and eye-catching. Perhaps a bit too much reading before the content begins, but the wait it worth it. Sakeena has an eye for modern, modest fashion and a passion for writing and so has combined her interests to produce a handy guide to dressing within the boundaries of her faith without abandoning style. The tone of writing is so easy to follow and understand, with under lying wittiness. Each section is accompanied by photographs, making it easier for audiences to gain inspiration for their own wardrobe.

The magazine flows, but it may only suit you if you can read a lot on screen. Sakeena covers each and every corner of hijab style and fashion – from skirts, to hijab pins to head band accessories. The step-by-step guide is perfect if you are looking for direction on your wardrobe and style.

Despite being based in The States, The Guide is so versatile and comprehensible. Sakeena suggests tips and items to spice up your style. If you’re a working busy girl, there are also pages on how to maintain modesty in the professional environment. Step-by-step picture tutorials have also been added to ease your morning routine!!

I am so impressed by the gym clothes section – a topic currently in high demand for Muslim women. We all want to stay fit and healthy but have gym dilemmas when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions. So, the guide recommends certain items and companies to try out! As a cute little treat, there is also Eid outfit and accessory inspiration, with a collage of Sakeena’s personal favourites.

Saving the best till last, the final pages are by far the most exciting – weddings! Sakeena has shown us her opinions and tips on wedding hijabs and to look gorgeous on that special day. The quick, yet pretty hijab tutorial also adds more umph. Also near the end, is a very topical section on Graduation Day outfit ideas.

What I really like was interviews included at intervals, helping to put the world of hijab fashion into perspective. With appearances such as ‘Nabillabee‘, ‘YazTheSpaz‘, Hujrah Wahaj, a non-Muslim who participated in World Hijab Day (and so many more!), the magazine has a realistic, meaningful feel to it.


Overall, I’m pretty impressed. The word count can be a little overwhelming, it’s definitely something to keep for a life time, to sit and read over a long period of time. The eBook covers a wide range of audiences, from teenagers to brides, from niqaabis to plus-sizes, there is something for everyone. The magazine is simple and straight to the point.

So go ahead, check it out and let us know what you thought of the read!

Till next time,
Humaira x



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