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Monday Musings – What’s your legacy?  

By Samia — February 02, 2015


Happy Monday lovelies! I hope this week is a productive and a good one and you achieve everything you set out to and more! I was thinking earlier in the week of what to write for this post and had so many different ideas, but nothing that I felt was of significance except this topic.

This Monday confessions is a personal one, one that means a lot to me and is something which totally changed my life, and how I look at things now. Next week will be exactly a year since one of the most important people in my life left us. That person was my Grandma. A selfless, strong, independent and loving woman. Someone who left such an important legacy behind, that when I reflect back on her life, the people she met, and the trials and tribulations she overcame- I am awed.

She taught us so many things, the first being that you can do anything and achieve anything, all you have to do is put your mind to it. I remember many a times growing up and encountering difficulty at school, university, in life and at many points just wanting to give up or move onto something else. She would always say to me, why? What is wrong with you that you can’t do it? Go back and do it again and do it properly. She taught me resilience, being steadfast and committed to that which I put my mind to. A quality which I try to live by in everything I do in life.

She was a single parent to 9 children having lost my grandfather at such a young age. How does one even fathom what this was like, especially as a young immigrant woman in a foreign country? Yet she did it and never once felt sorry for herself, whilst making made sure her children did not go without anything she felt was important. She never left something for tomorrow or for someone else to do, and taught her children to get it done in the here and now, and to do it well. She had so many goals inside her-and lots of dreams despite the toughness of her life. I remember when we would sit around and talk, and we would often laugh out of amusement at her ‘bucket list’ i.e. places she wanted to go or things she wanted to do. I can honestly say at the time she left us, she achieved everything she had set out to do.

It got me thinking about how much we really invest into life and how much do we actually gain. I often think of the periods where I have wasted time, put things off for another day and before you know it weeks, if not months have gone by. Since last year I really re-energised and put my goals into perspective. It made me ask myself what kind of a legacy I want to leave behind, and how I want people to remember me.
What inspiration and qualities do we pass on? or do we go through life without a second thought? My grandma was someone who gave time to everyone, young, old, rich, poor, whichever background they came from, despite being a woman of her time where cultural ignorance was often a barrier. She saw the goodness in everyone and I hope that throughout life I am able to do the same. It is so easy for us to judge and to look down or underestimate others, and I hope I am able to fulfil her legacy of being someone who leaves the world with a positive mark. So if I have learnt anything, it’s to go out there and do it. Do whatever it may be that you want to achieve, nothing is too hard or difficult, believe in yourself- this is so so important. If you don’t believe in your ability to do something or achieve something why should others?

Write a list and make sure you tick off that list every so often. I made a new list this year- some things small, some big, and I’m ticking through them slowly. There’s a real sense of satisfaction that comes with it, and that feeling is priceless.

Be the legacy you want to leave behind, be an inspiration for others no matter how small or big and most importantly, make a difference. It’s Monday and the start of a new week, it’s never too late!

*In memory of my beautiful Grandma, you may be gone but the love and legacy you left behind for us will forever be in our hearts xx”


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