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El Seed and Louis Vuitton

By Samia — July 27, 2013

Who doesn’t love Arabic calligraphy? Who doesn’t love high end fashion? Combine the both and you literally have a work of art!

2013 marks the first time that Louis Vuitton will manufacture a product designed by a Middle Eastern artist. Well  renowned Arabic calligrapher El Seed is a Tunisian born Parisian, who is well known for his stunning and eye catching Arabic calligraphy. Louis Vuitton’s Foulards d’Artistes is a collaboration between the French label and street artists from around the world, with El Seed representing the Arab world.

The collaboration of the high end brand and an Arabic calligrapher is not only a fashion statement, but the scarf and intricate calligraphy that is embossed upon it, tells a story. Each script has been carefully and thoughtfully worked upon by El Seed after he studied the separation of the East and West, something he found was not the actual case. He wanted his designs to be a means ‘to show people that these ‘clashing’ worlds are not actually contradictory.’

El Seed’s inspiration for his design is from a poem by Ali Mahmoud Taha titled Venice Carnival, “In the 12th century, the Pope forbade any relationship between the Christian world and Arab world and the Venetian people were the only ones who broke this rule and kept dealing with Arab people’ says El Seed. Hence this design is a merger of those two very different yet similar worlds.

To find out more about El Seed, visit his website here. Below is a stunning example of his normal work, in the form of street calligraphy.


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