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Fashion with a conscience!

By admin — October 07, 2010
How many of us consider where our scarves are from or where a portion of the profits from sales of the clothing we buy goes? Many of us buy clothing and scarves without giving a second thought to how our money is being invested or spent. There are many charities available where we can donate our money for very worthy causes however there are very few clothing companies which have an affiliation to certain causes to who they pledge some of their profits.
A few months previously I came across Haya having seen the group on facebook. I was intrigued by the individuality of the scarves which were being sold and the vibrancy in the colours and patterns available. There are many hijab stores emerging on the market however it’s hard to find contemporary and unique designs, hence why Haya caught my eye. Its founder Shirin tells me more about Haya, launched in June 2010 and the message behind it.
Shirin explains that she begun wearing the hijab last year and struggled to find scarves that were in-line with the fashion today and that were made of good quality fabric. She purchased most her scarves from her various travels and that’s when the idea of launching Haya formed from. She envisaged creating a Hijab line which provided women access to scarves from all over the globe! Her aim is to inspire women to express their individuality through Haya scarves.
It is obvious through speaking to Shirin that her vibrant background and travels are the primary inspiration behind Haya. She goes on to tell me that ‘I’m lucky to call several countries/regions home – the Middle East, Canada and the UK!. I lived in Canada for eight years and it’s a special place for me. I moved to the UK after getting married and have added London to my ever-growing list of places to call home’. All these experiences and countries have encouraged her to keep an eye on fashion trends and experiment with colour, textures and styles of hijab.
Just as importantly as her scarf range is her desire and vision to give back to those in need through supporting local charities and campaigns. Shirin has always wanted to blend her passion for scarves with raising funds for charity. Her chosen charity Restless Beings works on two fronts: prevention or relief poverty through development over a sustained period of time; and to raise awareness of human rights violations of silenced communities. All the profits from Haya’s first collection were donated to this grassroots organisation for their Uighur Women’s Rights Campaign. Haya’s aim is to provide hijabs with a conscience and is proud to support Restless Beings with their incredible work. Haya’s second collection will support the Pakistan flood victims, 5% of the profits will be donated to the cause. Having spoken to Haya and the causes its supports it really hit me how important charity is and how often we seem to forget this. The Quran reminds us: “Spend (in charity) out of the sustenance that We have bestowed on you before that time when death will come to someone, and he shall say: “O my Lord! If only you would grant me reprieve for a little while, then I would give in charity, and be among the righteous.” (63:10).
Review 1
Pink Flowery Business 3SC-FRBZ-01 £8.50
I love the feeling of this scarf, it’s very difficult to find good quality and attractive chiffon scarves. The scarf is lightweight and its pattern is bang on this autumn’s trend. It can be worn teamed up with an evening dress or even with a nice tunic or mac for a more urban autumn look. I have placed another plain scarf beneath it which is hidden and then layered the chiffon scarf on top to give it a bit more volume and more elegant look.
Review 2

Blue Beach 3SC-BEAC-01 £8.50
This is such a lightweight and beautiful hijab, it drapes well and the material is soft and flowing,  it also has very intrictae flower detailing that makes it stand out and it is really beuatiful to wear during the summer or for an evening out, there is plenty of material for coverage and it look nice with flower accessories. Im definatley wearing this with a black maxi dress as I think the scarf just adds the single touch you need.
All Styling courtesy of Hijablicious
Haya’s website is currently under construction however scarves can be purchased via the facebook group which provides fans with updates and images of the scarves:. Order requests can be mailed to info@love-haya.com


Haya have teamed up with Hijablicious to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a plain silk-chiffon scarf! All you have to do it ‘like’ Haya on facebook and email me letting me know which plain silk-chiffon scarf you like best.  Closing date is 10th October 2010. Entries to samia@hijablicious.com
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