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Beauty – Halal Nailpolish? Inglot has the Answer

By Hannah — March 02, 2013

A nail revolution: 02M Breathable nail polish by Inglot!


Cosmetic company, Inglot is apparently the world’s first manufacturer to label nail polish as “wudu-friendly”. It has been designed to be permeable to water, which means we do not need to go through the hassle of either, removing our nail polish before we do our wudu or more commonly not wear it all! Time to start getting those nails glammed up ladies!

Being into different types of nail polishes, from crack nail polish to caviar pearls and having tried out many different brands such as, Barry M, OPI, Ciate, Models Own, the list goes on, I recently I bought and tried out a few “halal” nail polishes myself from the Inglot Store, in Westfield London (Shepherds Bush).  I found that Inglot is by far my favourite, not only because of the variety of colours but the quality of this polish is chip free.  To get the perfect finish, two coats are essential, but the base and top coat are not – just as well, because these are not permeable.  On the plus side its quick drying and so you can fix your nails on the go, or like me I keep one in the car (shallow I know!).

You may be thinking that I like this product because O2M Breathable nail polish allows us to wear it whilst in a state of ablution. The answer is…. YES. There have been questions raised about this product and whether or not it is fully permeable, but the authenticity has been verified by an experiment involving a sample of dried nail polish on a coffee filter and a drop of water. The conclusion was specific to the O2M brand, saying that it was sufficient for wudu. To view the discussion click here.                       Inglot-Breathable-Nail









What does Inglot Cosmetics have to say about all of this new hype surrounding their O2M nail polish? Creative Director Hayden Tee says: “We adore collaborating with all Inglot lovers and look forward to future marketing exposure within the Muslim community.”  I will be blogging about their alcohol – free fragrance exclusively for the readers of Hijablicious – watch this space.

In all honesty, Inglot nail polish is a bit steep in price, ranging from about £11-£15 each. I know with a tight student budget it can seem a lot especially if, like me you live by the motto: “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.” Think of this purchase as a well deserved little treat to yourself! Tempted? Comment and let us know!

For more product information and orders, purchase direct from the website: http://www.inglotuk.com/

-Keeping it beautiful. Peace-

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