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Hijablicious meets Jawaher

By admin — October 22, 2010

Jawaher is a new initiative from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, which celebrates the elegance and glamour of Arabian women today. I was invited by Jawaher to preview the newly launched collection and to see for myself the fusion of Swarovski crystals when coupled with Middle Eastern Attire.

Jawaher highlights the fashion connoisseur in the Middle East with pieces that have been created by world-renowned designers using crystal as a creative material to show a light fuelled allure. The designers, including Allessanra Rich, Sohad Acouri, Zaid Anton and more, have all sought out to create items to reflect the kind of glamorous lifestyle we all aspire to have, while still keeping with Middle Eastern tradition.

The launch was no small affair, upon arrival I was given the opportunity to preview the Autumn/Winter Swarovski Jewelry collection which was spellbinding. The Chrystal based Jewelry was presented with Middle Eastern influences and the attention to detail and sparkle was visible from afar, it was like being in accessories heaven! Swarovski Element no longer just produce traditional pieces they once did, but have now branched out into Middle Eastern and Asian influenced designs which can be worn with almost any outfit.

Sohad Acouri, a renowned designer from Lebanon had designed a silver belt made from divine rocks and cosmic silver stone crystals, fixed with beads this was just spellbinding to say the least.
In addition the renowned Elizabeth Emmanuel, who designed princess Diana’s wedding dress, was also at the preview event as was Diego Dolcini, the Italian luxury shoe  who has designed for Gucci amongst others.

The main part of the evening and the most awe inspiring was most certainly the Fashion Show. Needless to say Jawaher outdid themselves beyond my expectations. The attention to detail on almost every part of the Abayas and the intricate patterns and Crystals which were not only adorned onto some of the pieces but also in some cases woven and embellished within the garment, left every woman spellbound in the audience. The simplicity of the flow of the Abaya’s as well as the elegance which oozed from the detail kept everyone talking, no one could decide which one appealed more, as with each garment that came onto the catwalk, it seemed to outdo the previous piece even more, I was in true Abaya heaven!

I left the event adamant to relook at my Abayah collection, inspired by the simplicity and elegance of the most beautiful and traditional of Muslim garments, a woman can not have enough, that’s for sure. Now to save up for an exclusive Jawaher piece!

From October 20 – November 1, the Jawaher collection will be on public display in London at the SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ lounge at 24 Great Marlborough St, London, opposite Liberty.
More pictures can be found on the Hijablicious Facebook fanpage, these are just a few previews!

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Below is an exerpt of Hijablicious’s review in the Muslim Weekly
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