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How to wear a scarf- Hijablicious collaborates with Olga Hoffman

By admin — December 15, 2010
Photo: Coutesy of Olga Hoffman

Last week I had a meeting with renowned Photographer Olga Hoffman. It was a fantastic meeting where she told me about a new project she was in the process of developing and working on. The project entitled ‘how to wear a headscarf’ would explore the diversity and journey of women of different faiths and background and the purpose of the scarf in their lives, ultimately exploring how they wear it to represent their own lives and cultures/religion even as a political symbol or even a fashion accessory. You can read more about the project and our meeting here.

Olga discussed with me in particular how she came about with the idea after having read an article about the controversy about the Muslim headscarf ‘Hijab’. The project will depict the headscarf on various women through the art of photography and will give a different insight into what is probably one of the most controversial and talked about pieces of clothing in the modern era.

The project will be shown in an exhibition taking place in October 2011 in London and will be open to the public. It was great speaking with Olga, she is so enthusiastic about her work and has an energy and flair that is very apparent. She has worked with a variety of well established fashion houses such as Instyle and Vogue but to name a few.

Hijablicious will be working in collaboration with Olga on the project, in particular to advise on the detail of the Hijab particularly from a Muslim perspective as well as styling the shoot, casting models and working on set to ensure the depiction of the women is as accurate as possible. I will also be working with Olga to conduct research for the type of Hijab we will be using and sourcing garments and clothing to represent a variety of religions and cultures.

I feel really excited about this project as I feel that it is such a profound yet simple idea, similarly it is one that addresses so many questions about the symbolism and meaning of a scarf, not just Muslim women but women from all cultures and backgrounds. I’m very optimistic that our collaboration will be very fruitful and the result will be fantastic.

Watch this space for updates, details and developments

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