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Beauty – Introducing Beauty Drops

By Hannah — August 14, 2013

Beauty Drops: Pure natural and ORGANIC products

Choosing beauty products such as make up, creams and lotions can be quite tricky, especially when trying to decide what product suits you best. When it comes to purchasing what I call ‘necessities,’ I like to think of it as an investment. By this I do not mean the money I am spending but the quality of the products I am buying. What I use on my face and body will have a huge impact on determining what I will look like in the next 20 years, which is why I love the idea of organic products.

Beauty Drops is a website that sells brands such as, Figs & Rouge, InikaButter London, PHB  and Lily Lola, which all focus on natural, ethical and cruelty free products for make-up and skin care. We sometimes pay little attention as to what goes into our products and the environment they are being made in. This is where “Halal Beauty” comes in. This term may not make sense, because you may be thinking how can make up be Halal? But beauty products can contain animal by- products. Beauty Drops provides an opportunity for those who are interested in turning organic as these products are not commonly available in the mainstream market.

Over the past few weeks, I have been lucky enough to be introduced to Beauty Drops and given an opportunity to try out a few of their products.

Mocha Orange hand cream (Figs & Rouge) is the first of the products that I have been using.

figs (5)-351x349

As I spend most of the time in the car (as family chauffeur cum taxi service!), I like to keep a hand cream in my glove box. I replaced my original hand cream with pure and natural Mocha Orange  and have been using this regularly. When using this cream, my hands instantly felt moisturised, soft and smooth, leaving a strong fragrance of Mocha Orange. A better description would be that this hand cream is a bit like Terry’s chocolate orange but as a moisturiser not a chocolate! On application I noticed that it did not leave my hands feeling greasy unlike some moisturisers do. This product’s 100% organic credentials guarantee that it is of good quality at an affordable price of only £6.99 – I will definitely be using it again.

The second product I tested was the Forest Gold eye shadow (Inika).

inika (20)-351x349

I usually do not wear eye shadow, but for Eid I decided to give it a try and use this eye shadow. I applied the forest green golden eye shadow dust as a finishing touch by blending it into my eye shadow. This gave it a really nice finish leaving my eyes to shimmer and glow. As the day progressed, my eyes still looked fresh as they had done when I first applied it. Normally eye shadow falls into the creases of the eyelid by the end of the day, however this product remained in place throughout the day.  The difference between this mineral eye shadow and other branded eye shadow is that my eye lids did not dry out – in fact they felt softer than usual. When applying mineral beauty products, not only are you making yourself look great but you are nourishing your skin at the same time. When purchasing this product, think of it as killing two birds with one stone, (no pun intended!).

Thirdly, I had been given a brown Mascara by Inika.

inika (12)-351x349


When I tried out this product I have to admit that  in the beginning I was a bit hesitant to wear brown mascara as I always stick to black, however it was not what I was expecting at all. Having a change of colour can be good at times differentiating from your everyday make-up to a party style makeup. What I found was brown was more subtle and natural and for me was more suitable to wear every day. The mascara “double-Z” brush is soft and gentle when applying to your eyelashes, creating volume and length. I found with this natural product, it didn’t make my eyelashes fall, instead enriched them, making them feel thicker and could possibly have encouraged growth. The benefits of using this mascara, is that it is non-toxic, non-irritating and long-lasting. All natural mascara with no potentially harmful chemicals, Certified Vegan,  Pure and Cruelty Free, Coats lashes without clumping, bleeding or flaking.

Lastly, the Perfection Concealer-Medium by Inika was the fourth product that I tested.

inika (15)-351x349


This was one of my favourites, as I found that it camouflages blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation and helps to even out skin tone. I found that I could just use this concealer to cover up my dark circles and feel confident to not have to wear any foundation on top.  The skin under your eyes is really thin, so by applying this mineral concealer you are nourishing that area of your face rather than thinning it out further. The light texture helps when blending your make up, creating a flawless base. This product contains macadamia and rose hip oil, leaving your skin feeling vibrant and hydrated.



Noreen Muzaffa, founder of Beauty Drops states: “I want to be able to give women (and eventually men) a place they can come to and be confident in the knowledge that the products are natural and cruelty free.” To hear this as a customer, I feel reassured that I am definitely investing in my future by applying products that are beneficial to myself and to the environment.

To purchase any of these products and to have a look at the wider range, you can visit her website, by clicking on the following link: http://beautydrops.co.uk and make sure you like their facebook page here.

-Keeping it beautiful. Peace

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