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Is Less Really More? The Fashion Weeks Don’t Think So…

By Humaira Ashraf — March 12, 2013

Whoever created the statement ‘less is more’ was so very wrong.

This year’s Fashion Weeks across the globe showed an outburst in modest clothing – finally, it’s a huge breakthrough. After studying many designers  manifestos and fashion weeks responses, the overall gist seems to be that covering more body is ‘feminine and chic’. After all, didn’t Yves Saint Lauren once say:

“There must be modesty in one’s style. As well as respect for women, and a woman’s body.”

And he was a man who changed the future of all style. Coco Chanel also, is a prominent figure who changed the social female convention from corsets and feather boas, to crisp shirts and comfortable trousers. We owe are thanks to people like them, who re-enforced the beauty of modesty. But a few years ago, it fizzled out. It was ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘boring’. Crazes turned to mini skirts, tank tops, boob-tubes and women struggled to keep up with the times as well as personal dignity.

However, my dear friends, the tables are turning.

The revolution has started.

And it starts with us – the current, 21st century generation of bright, innovative minds. I’ve put together the best of collections from a few catwalks across the world that have caught my eye…

London Fashion Week

Mary Katrantzou sent a buzz through the fashion industry with a series of floor length dresses filled with intricate patterns. Her new collection features mostly linen – perfect for sweaty summer days where a cool breeze beneath the covering layers is necessary. (pictured below)

Born in Athens, Katrantzou’s work is well-known for her sensibility yet luxury for the modest, modern woman. What I adore about her new collections, in particular, is the colourful detail put into the dresses, giving a fresh and effortless glow. Every year, items from London fashion week are shipped straight to women across the globe who specially received catalogues of the event. This year, London Fashion week made billions out of sending items straight off the models to young women in Qatar and Dubai. The luxurious, feminine designs were a big hit with the wealthy Muslims, which has created a new market in the world of vogue.


Zoe Jordan’s collection that featured at LFW Somerset House (pictured left) was a big hit with the ladies due to the unconventional chic look. Jordan opted for a relaxed, flawlessly-flawed and almost tom-boy collection with pieces ranging from maxi skirts to tailored trousers. What caught most fashionistas eyes was the versatility of the items. What we can notice already is the new trend of one item of print – either trousers, or a skirt, or a jacket or a bag – it’s a staple item this summer and will last you a lifetime.

Paris Fashion Week

The 2013 Elie Saab Collection was number one this year, with delicious ball gowns and delicate jewellery.  With only last year’s catwalk featuring nearly-nudes, this year’s collection was a shocking and spectacular breakthrough for the public and for designers. (pictured below)

Elie Saab Ball Gowns

What seems to still be the uproar with some modest women, is the argument that these clothes are not modest at all. Agreed – skin is showing, fabrics are transparent, there are slits in the skirts and some are even sleeveless. But the beauty of catwalks and the Fashion Weeks are that they are for inspiration. For us to nurture our own ideas in order for them to grow into phenomenal outfits suited perfectly to our standards.

Pictured below is one of my most favourite pieces of Paris Fashion Week – Carolina Herrera (below left) and Chrisian Dior’s (below right) new collections of smart, elegant dresses. Note the matching of blues and black that bring out a professional, Spring,  crisp feel to the outfit. They are fully covering, yet inciting and chic – a seriously great designer right there, ladies, wouldn’t you agree?



Muscat Fashion Week

This has to have been the most fascinating fashion week this year. The Muscat Fashion Week, Oman, hosted a glamorous evening with dimmed coloured lights, non-alcoholic cocktails, with front row audience of modest women, men in hattas and thobes. It was luxurious and stylish. Furthermore, the catwalk revealed unknown treasures of the cultured fashion industry, providing several début collection shows, including that of Toujouri. The CEO and fashion student, Lama El-Moatassem, aims to combine modern designs with authentic traditions from the Arabic world. And she sure has succeeded  Her dresses have been purchased by many celebrities  including Florence Welch during her UK tour. El-Moasassem’s collection is perfect for summer holidays, formal dinners, weddings – you name it. I sure want to get my hands on a dress by her, check out how phenomenal they are:


So, time to clear out your wardrobe, girlies. Wash away those winter blues, be inspired by the changing world of individualism around you. Embrace your womanhood and modesty because it sure is the most stylish and infuential time in history for this to be practised!

Till next time!


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